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    Seeding & Matches






    Follow all the Gamers Assembly tournaments this week-end


    Gamers Assembly 2016, one of the most established LAN Party in France starts this week-end and we’re proud to power its 24 tournament – yes, 24! From CS:GO to Street Fighter V, Overwatch to Rocket League, or LoL to Hearthstone, no gamer will be left behind.


    For the past few years, The Gamers Assembly organizers have been great partners, early adopters of our latest features and providers of great feedback.

    Stay tuned this week end, there will be plenty to watch (yes, 24 tournaments):

    And here are more tournaments to follow. Enjoy, happy LANing!

    Follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 on Toornament!

    The annual FIWC is happening right now in New York and the cream of the crop of FIFA 16 players from around the world are gathered to decide who’s going to get the title, $20,000 and a paid trip to the “Ballon d’Or” ceremony!


    Our team is covering this major eSport tournament bringing you everything you need to follow the competition: schedules, participants, archived scores and streams links.

    The final matches will be played later today, make sure to keep our widget open. Happy cheering!

    Our mobile app gets new features and redesign

    We’ve just released a new iteration of our mobile app “Toornament eSports” (free on iOS and Android), featuring major new features and small fixes.



    This new section displays the following content:

    • All the Featured Tournaments we cover
    • Featured tournaments from the eSport disciplines you follow
    • Individual toornaments you’re following.

    This new approach mixes manual picks from the user side and automated picks from our app, making it easier to follow and discover Esport events.

    The Match ticker UI helps you find a match the easy way, using two navigation timelines. The horizontal timeline lets you browse past, current and future tournaments. The vertical navigation timeline on the right focuses on the chosen day and features blue highlights on the hour a match occurs.



    You often come across the Match Block in our app. Well, it’s been redesigned for a better visual integration with the different parts of the app it appears in – which means quite everywhere!


    The new Match Block boasts two new icons: VOD and Stats. The first one indicates whether a video from the match is available. The second one is an incoming feature which will display stats from enabled games (Dota2, LoL, Blood Bowl etc.)



    We’ve replaced the “Favorite” function with the “Following” one. You can follow:

    • An individual tournament
    • An eSport discipline, including all its Featured Tournaments


    Add a game or tournament and they’ll join your Following tab.


    Participants profiles have been enriched and now display all their information, including public custom fields in a new “Info” tab.



    We’ve also adjusted the font sizes and made some wording corrections, giving the app a more professional look and feel. And of course, loads of bugs were smashed along the way!

    We hope you’ll enjoy this new version of Toornament eSports mobile app, Get it for free on your smartphones: