Evolution of esports prize money between 2015 and 2018

3 years ago, we published on this very blog an infographics on the Esports Economy, and especially the prize moneys awarded in the tournaments of the top esports titles.
It’s time to take stock of the situation, and see where we are at regarding tournament prize moneys.
Find a new interactive infographics, with the most up-to-date data available, along data compiled from 2015:

The CWL Paris Open 2017 Infographic !

Last month was held in Paris the third Major LAN Event for Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare, during the ESWC Winter. 62 teams gathered to fight for the title and their share of the $100.000 cash prize in what has been the biggest CoD european event ever, with record mobilization from U.S teams, led by OpTic Gaming, who brought the trophy home for the third time in a row.

We wanted to go back to this amazing event, and built one of our infographics to live through this experience again, here it is!


Toornament was, once again, the solution chosen by the organizers to manage the whole competition, from team registration to the displaying of results and all things tournament-related on-stage.


In case you missed the tournament, or just wanted to look into it again, all the results and replays are available on Toornament:

The Just Dance World Cup 2017 Infographic

Toornament, back at it with the colorful infographics!

Last February, Paris hosted the first ESWC Winter. One of its 4 tournaments were the electric Finals of the 2017 Just Dance World Cup.

The 18 best Just Dancers in the world gathered show their moves, precision and style. And they did not disappoint, with crazy matches, cliffhangers and torn jurys.
We retrieved all the results entered by the organizers and came up with these curated datas:


Here are all the results:

Just Dance is a unique game and unique Esport. Style and substance matter more than execution and body-controlled gameplay widens our horizons. We look forward to follow the Just Dance scene even more for next year World Cup!

Note: the French version of our infographic is available here.

The Capcom Cup 2016 infographic by Toornament.com

Ah, Capcom Cup!

As we cover the major Espors tournaments in the world, we started producing exhaustive infographics a year ago, with the 2015’s Capcom Cup and it’s a real treat to end this year back with this incredible Street Fighter tournament.

Since last year, we beefed up our goals and added manual event logging, to bring you even more stats: throws, V-Triggers and Critical Arts were all logged by our team! Enjoy and share the most advanced Capcom Cup breakdown:


We hope you appreciate this work and we invite you to check our dedicated Capcom Cup tournament page, with all the results, scores and replays :

#Worlds 2016: the Toornament infographic

The #Worlds are just over and while SK Telecom are still celebrating their third title, our coverage team has compiled the tournament’s stats. From crucial information to trivias, here’s our take on the 2016 World Championship!


If you want all the scores, match stats and videos, check out the tournament page or this widget.

And of course, all the Regional Leagues and major LoL tournaments have been covered and archived:


Spring Split
Spring Playoffs
Summer Split
Summer Playoffs


Spring Split
Spring Playoffs
Summer Split
Summer Playoffs


Spring Split
Spring Playoffs
Summer Split
Summer Playoffs


Spring Split
Spring Playoffs
Summer Split
Summer Playoffs


Spring Split
Spring Playoffs
Summer Split
Summer Playoffs

Mid-Season Invitational




Hyped by all these stats? Get them for your own LoL tournament, using the Tournament Codes: they’ll automate the lobby attribution, statistics, game scores and match results!
And of course, all this data is available on our mobile app!

DOTA 2: The Post-TI6 Roster Shuffle Infographic

Our coverage team has been following the DOTA 2 scene with and exhaustive coverage of The International 2016 and our massive infographic.

We wanted to end this season’s coverage and start the new one with a report tracking all the roster shuffle which happened these last couple of weeks for the TI6 teams.

Retirements, transfers, new blood… So much happened between the “Drop Period” and the “Roster Lock” that we needed a cleared view of all the action and you’ll see, it’s a traffic jam of talents… Kudos to Wings Gaming, Natus Vincere and Escape Gaming for keeping the same rosters!


The International 2016: the infographic

We covered the International 2016 since its Regional Qualifiers and now come up with the most exhaustive and comprehensive infographic thanks to our API.

We even went a bit further than our Manila and Shanghai infographics, adding the Open and Regional Qualifiers. Enjoy!

(click on the infographic to watch it in full resolution)


If you want to check all the scores, stats and videos, here are all the tournaments covered.

Also check our infographics for:

Enjoy and share our work if you liked it!

Tournament Report: The Manila Major

The great Dota 2 Manila Major is just over and delivered in terms of action and hype.

Our coverage team used the Toornament API to get datas and stats from all 99 games. We then selected to most meaningful trends and wrapped them in a nice infographic. Happy viewing!


You can find all the scores, results and rich statistics on our widget:

Also check our infographics for:

Tournament report: The Shanghai Major

As the dust settles in the Mercedes Benz Arena, here we come with our latest graphic report, fresh out of the oven!

Here’s your dose of trends, cold hard data and fun trivias. (click on pic for higher res)


Following the success of our Capcom Cup 2015 infographic, we once more tapped into our API to generate cross data and rich statistics from our extensive tournament coverage.

We hope you like it, follow us more more cool infographics!

Check out our Capcom Cup 2015 graphic report!

Toornament Report: Capcom Cup 2015

This week end saw the ultimate major tournament on Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The biggest fighting game in the world ended its great eSport lifespan with the Capcom Cup 2015, where the top 32 Capcom Pro Tour players fought for a split of the impressive $500,000 money prize and to engrave their name into Street Fighter history.


We covered the tournament live this week end and wanted to provide you with insights from what we collected.

Using our API, we were able to extract interesting statistics and datas to breakdown the notable performances and trends from this 2015 edition. (click on the picture for higher res)

READ: Our free API is available in Beta, try it out!


Huge thanks goes to artist SaPikku23 for providing us his great players portraits!

Of course, we couldn’t cram all the gathered info in a single infographic, so here are some exhaustive metrics:


More quick facts:

  • Big Bosses: All EVO Champions attended: Daigo (2009, 2010), Fuudo (2011), Infiltration (2012), Xian (2013), Luffy (2014), Momochi (2015)
  • Biggest losers: Momochi and Bonchan dropped 16 places compared to 2014, respectively from 1st to top 17 and from top 9 to top 25.
  • Back to back: 11 players qualified for both the 2014 and 2015 Cups: Momochi, Infiltration, Bonchan, Xian, Luffy, Daigo, Snake Eyez, Justin Wong, NuckledDu and Gackt.
  • There’s the Tour and there’s the Cup: None Capcom Pro Tour 2015 Top 6 ranked player made it to the Capcom Cup 2015 Top 6, except for Xian (4th, then 3rd).
  • So close, yet so far: RZR|Xian has always been placed in the Top 3, but never won: 2nd (2013), 2nd (2014), 3rd (2015).

We hope you enjoyed all this extracted data from our API, feel free to share it!

Last but not least, you can of course get all the results, scores, characters picked and available VODs for each match, check our widget:

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