How to get your community tournament license

As an esports tournament organizer, you usually need to fulfill a set of rules and apply for an authorization with the publisher to be able to organize a competition on a game. In this post, we will see what are the usual restrictions asked by the publishers, and how to request and apply to get a community tournament license.

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Update of Toornament’s subscription plans

2022 was an important step in Toornament’s development with the release of a complete offer based on subscription plans. It came with new important features, including the Website Builder and competitive circuit management.

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Manage your high school esports league

Esports is gaining in popularity and steadily reaching more and more various audiences over time. This is particularly true with young people for whom esports and video games have become hobbies of choice. It is therefore quite natural that high school esports league around the world have started for several years now.

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