[Organizers] How to find a League Of Legends Match URL

maintenance V2 Release: detailed game statistics are currently unavailable, but will come back as soon as possible.

To display the advanced statistics and information from your League of Legends match in Toornament, you just need to add its “Match URL”.
Here’s how to do it:

1. Open the LoL client

2. Go to a Player’s “Match History”

3. Pick a match and click on “View on the web”

This will open the Match webpage in your browser. All you have to do now is to copy/paste the Match URL in the Match report.


This also works with LCS matches, if you happen to cover them. The URL differs a bit, but it doesn’t matter.


Please note that games have different status :

  • Ranked games are visible to everyone
  • Normal games are only visible to LoL logged users
  • Custom games are only visible to the game participants

As non-LCS tournaments are played like “Custom Games”, you must then ask one of your participants to provide you with the game URL.