[Organizers] Make great Overwatch tournaments with Toornament

With the great success of Overwatch, we decided to share some easy and essential tips to run a great Overwatch Tournament.


Here are the 4 rules of thumb to make a great Overwatch Tournament:

1. Set the rules

Overwatch boasts a vast array of maps and custom settings. Remind your participants the ones you picked through the tournament’s description/rules and custom fields.

2. Pick the right format

With short matches but numerous players, Overwatch requires the right structure and the right amount of manageable matches. You can create stages at will, and have your tournament follow the exact format you have in mind!

3. Share the love

Players, admins, spectators, media… So many people constantly asking what’s up, what happened, what’s next. Keep them up to date in real time with our Widgets, Toornament TV and Mobile App.

4. Get support from your participants

Managing multiple matches can prove overwhelming sometimes… With our new Participant match report, let the player handle their match report themselves and save (pay)loads of time…

With these tips in mind, you can dive into the game and run great competitions the best way possible. And wait until you discover all our advanced features and tools… Happy fragging!