CS:GO Advanced Statistics are back on!

For all of you, Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans, we are happy to announce that the detailed statistics are back for all tournaments using either eBot or AdminBot.

It’s entirely automatic, if you are using one or the other of the bots, after matches are played, detailed statistics will be retrieved and displayed on the public pages of the matches:

Have fun, and it’s time to leave a mark through godlike stats!

Use Case: Quakecon 2017

In the end of August was held in Texas the latest edition of the iconic event for all Quake fans, the Quakecon. The event boasted Professional and Community Events, in the form of the Quake World Championship (Duel and Sacrifice) and BYOC LAN Tournaments.
Toornament.com was the Technical Partner of the event, and we are going to see how did the organizers benefit from our features, and how we could allow them to create the best event for their needs.

The first step was to provide a clear and complete registration process to their participants. The idea was to have the participants pre-register on Toornament, and then get definitely validated on site.
Their LAN information (row, seat etc.) were then added to all the information they already provided through the Custom Fields, like their in-game IDs or email addresses.

Admins checking Participants in

Another tall order was that the tournaments were featuring many different formats and structures. One of them was a challenging Free-for-All custom format for the Road Rage tournament.
This format was made possible thanks to some of our advanced features, and a few tricks to allow for more versatility within standard structures. If you wish to learn more about it, see how to create your own FFA tournament.

The FFA format used for the Road Rage Tournament

There was also the question of making all information and results about the ongoing competitions available to everyone on site. To that end, they used the Toornament TV, our sharing TV Module, to display all live results, brackets and tournament information on a huge screen:

Quakecon Toornament TV on site

How would participants report their scores, and advance forward?
To ease up Admins’ lives, Participants could use Toornament to report their match results after each game (either through the website, or the Mobile Application):

Admins reminding participants they would report their results through Toornament

Before the competitions started, The Quakecon media staff sent our dynamic Widgets to their press partners. Thanks to the Widgets, they could communicate on the event, its results and stories, as can be seen here on Millenium:

Millenium coverage of the Quakecon thanks to Toornament widgets

And to conclude, we’ll give Aaron “Kuffs” Tygart (Head Admin of the BYOC Competitions) the floor:
We can tell that Toornament contributed to the success of our event by simplifying interactions between admins and players. We hosted 9 BYOC competitions at Quakecon 2017 and we learned very quickly how to benefit the most of the platform: registration process, sharing modules with a gigantic Toornament TV visible by everyone and super easy score reporting process by the players.

Welcome to the new Participant Interface!

In our never-ending quest to offer the best tournament platform there is, we are today releasing the new Participant Interface to further improve the users’ experience with Toornament. Participants are now able to find all needed information in a quicker and easier way, thus making the organizers’ work effortless.

The subject at hand was to make immediately available to a participant the vital information he needed to take part in the competitions he was registered in. To tackle it, our solution has been to merge the Participant Dashboard directly into the public pages of a tournament.

To attain this goal, a first important step has been to evolve the Navigation Menu once you are logged in on Toornament.com. It now features items for you to find the Tournaments you play in and your Matches, in addition to the existing ones, with some having moved to some more practical places.

But the main interest of this new interface is that all participant-related features (such as your Matches, the Match Lobby, the Match Result Report or the Pick & Ban in Hearthstone) are now directly available through the public tournament pages, without having to go to a dedicated dashboard! What’s more, the information displayed will evolve depending on your status in this tournament, whether you’re already participating in it, or awaiting registration confirmation, all information will be clearly and immediately visible:

As for you, fellow tournament organizers, you will still find all of your tournaments and settings in the Organizer Dashboard, available through the “Organize” top menu item.
And of course, all these Participant features are only available if your participants have their account linked to your tournament.

October’s Open Tournaments selection

Another month, other tournaments!
Here we are again, with a selection of Open tournaments for you to play in!
So take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

clashroyale Clash Royale Open Tournaments

france ESWC EU Qualifier #3by ESWC 199 Players 15/10/2017 Register
france Conquerors Clashby Project Conquerors 64Players 28/10/2017 Register
colombia The Royal Primeby INDRA 256 Players 31/12/2017

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Open Tournaments

portugal Ultimate Challengeby Gaming Arena 8 Teams 14/10/2017 Register
uk Unknown Season 1by Team Unknown 16 Teams 14/10/2017
france FDJ Open Series #3by FDJ Esport 128 Teams 15/10/2017 Register
france ESWC Omen Qualifier #2by ESWC 16 Teams 17/10/2017
hungary I. Lanosch Bajnokságby Lanosch 32 Teams 16/10/2017
france Tribe Offensive #1by Tribe eSports Club 32 Teams 22/10/2017 Register

fifa18 FIFA 18 Open Tournaments

czech 2v2 FIFA18 Turnajby Realita Gaming Bar 24 Players 15/10/2017 Register
france L’Ovalyonne #1by AS Lyon 1 25 Players 18/10/2017 Register
switzerland RoyalLeague Season 5by RoyalCup 84 Players 27/10/2017
uk Well Playd Saturdayby Well Playd Gaming Events 64 Players 25/11/2017 Register

hearthstone Hearthstone Open Tournaments

sweden ph13t0n and friendsby ph13t0n and friends 14 Players 26/10/2017
france Hearthstone Masterby Salon “Je lis jeu’nesse” 64 Players 25/11/2017
sweden HeXaLAN 2017by HeXagon e-Sports 20 Players 01/12/2017
us Deadite Streaming Openby Deadite Streaming 256 Players 01/01/2018 Register

lol League of Legends Open Tournaments

philippines Clash of Caviteñosby Jayads Internet Café 128 Teams 21/10/2017 Register
france Red Cross Cupby Roubaix Esport 16 Teams 21/10/2017
denmark LCD – CSD Qualifierby League Championship Denmark 128 Teams 04/11/2017

overwatch Overwatch Open Tournaments

argentina Sth Am. OW Circuitby Liga Profesional de Esports 56 Teams 17/10/2017
switzerland Challenger Leagueby MYI Entertainment 16 Teams 29/10/2017
germany Heroes of Ananas #3by Sylvanas 32 Teams 03/11/2017 Register
uk Watchers 6v6by Sparkz 6 Teams 04/11/2017
uk Rapture Gaming Festivalby Fragers Esports 24 Teams 11/11/2017 Register

rocketleague Rocket League Open Tournaments

denmark NPF 2017 Turneringby NPF 2017 32 Teams 13/10/2017
france FDJ Open Series #26by FDJ Esport 256 Teams 15/10/2017 Register
italy Torneo d’Autunnoby Strellu & dbj4397 32 Teams 15/10/2017 Register
italy OMFGIts Rocket Leagueby OMFGItsLC 8 Teams 04/11/2017

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!