A look back on 2017

2017 has been a huge year for Toornament, which underwent its biggest transformation ever with the release of the V.2.
The first half of the year was entirely dedicated to bringing those sweet new features to you, while the rest was about keeping the flow of novelties and improvements coming your way. And now is the time to stop for a minute, and gaze upon what 2017 brought along!

Toornament V.2

The biggest evolution Toornament has ever known basically revamped the whole website, especially on the organizer’s side, with some major points:

The Match Lobby

Participants like to talk, would it be to exchange information about an upcoming match, or to gloat after a win. Whatever the reason, we released one of the features our users most requested: the Match Lobby.

Support V.2

Because having a great platform comes with providing great support, we created a true Knowledge Base and opened up new support channels to make sure everyone could get the answers they were looking for.

Participant Interface

To further improve the quality of life of our users, we merged the public tournament pages with the Participant Dashboard in a new Participant Interface. This was only possible thanks to the changes initiated with the V.2 release, that has proven being an invaluable improvement (because it opens up so many other possibilities you’ve only seen a glimpse of!).

Registration Multi-Selection

It is easier than ever to handle and manage your registrations, thanks to the Registration Multi-Selection, which allows you to select any number of registrations to act on them all at once!


Adding to these major changes, the year was full of lesser updates, full of optimizations and bug smashing, all aimed at making Toornament the best esports platform there is.
Among those, you may recall:

What’s in store for 2018?

For those of you who are not familiar with our Public Development Roadmap, let me tell you we plan on making 2018 even more incredible than 2017 was!
Next feature in line will be the Tournament Check-in, rolling out first thing next year!
2018 will also be the launch year for our Partner Program, aimed at rewarding our best organizers with business opportunities and premium stuff.

Oh, and by the way, i might have forgotten to mention that we are also working on a new tournament structure:

Clash Royale Ranking powered by Toornament

Our friends at Millenium came up with a great new use of the Toornament API by creating a whole new system to generate a Clash Royale Ranking throughout all of their tournaments.
By importing a Toornament ID into the system, it automatically isolates french players (as the Ranking is for national players only), attributes them points depending on their tournament position and the tier of the tournament, and updates their ranking accordingly.

It also accepts manual entry, but the core system is built upon automated data gathered with the Toornament API, with tournaments divided into tiers:

One more example that you can create amazing tools with our API (see the Developer Documentation), and there are many other ways Toornament can help you improve your Event Production!

Spotlight on our FIFA Organizers

FIFA is a growing esports, as can be seen from livestream audiences and community activity around competitive events, as has been noted on Toornament for a while now.
With the FIFA eWorld Cup drawing near, we wanted to put the spotlight on this community, by letting some of our most active FIFA organizers speak up.


Who are you?
My name is Guillermo, I’m 36 yrs old. I’m originally from Peru but live in the US.

What do you like most on Toornament?
I like Toornament because of all the options it gives you to set up tournaments.
Also the widgets are amazing, and very detailed.

Do you have any tournament going on, or coming soon?
Yes, we currently have the Season 2 of our League going on. I organize at least 2 tournaments every month.


Who are you?
We are an Indian based eSports company – GamingMonk. We organise a lot of community-based competitions, and major-level events in India and regularly host these offline events on Toornament. You can check out everything about us on the GamingMonk Website.

What do you like most on Toornament?
We like the flexibility it provides in hosting an event. The high level of customization available and the variety of games it supports.
Lot of feedback we have given to make it better, and the team has been listening to us constantly.
It’s a great experience overall. It really helps us host great events.

Do you have any tournament going on, or coming soon?
Yes we have 4-6 events upcoming events in December and January.

Immense Gaming Leagues

Who are you?
I am Lee, the owner of a competitive gaming website where we offer Fifa 18 Pro Clubs Leagues.

What do you like most on Toornament?
I like how easy to use Toornament is, also the availability of assistance if needed and the great mobile app that accompanies all active tournaments

Do you have any tournament going on, or coming soon?
We currently have the IGL Fifa 18 Season 1 running on Toornament.

IVFL eSports

Who are you?
I’m Diego from IVFLeSports, we are growing Latinoamerican FIFA leagues and tournaments organization in Pro Clubs (11v11) and 1v1 game modes. We started in 2015 with online and offline events, stream channels and a community with more than 3,000 players. If you like Fifa, join us on the IVFL Website.

What do you like most on Toornament?
We liked the intuitive platform, and the customization options. As organizers, we find the registrations and reports in Toornament particularly useful, and we use the widgets to share all the competitions information on our website.
Finally we like that you never stop looking to improve, we have seen new features and versions of the website come, so keep going!!

Do you have any tournament going on, or coming soon?
We are currently running our monthly national rankings in 1v1 mode in Colombia, Chile, México and Argentina, qualifying for the IVFL Regional Cup!

But that’s only a fraction of what our community has to offer, so feel free to scour our FIFA18 Open Tournaments and find the one that suits you, and try to become a champion!

Today, we disclose our Development Roadmap

Feedback means a lot to us. In our constant effort to provide the best solution there is for you to organize and participate in tournaments, having our community opinion on our work is an invaluable input.
To allow for a better understanding of the issues we have to face, and gather even more of your constructive feedback, we are disclosing our Public Development Roadmap.

Accessible to anyone, you will be able to follow our progress and give us your feedback on specific questions pertaining to key features as we work on it.

Cards like these will allow you to fill a short survey to tell us what you think about the upcoming features.

Now more than ever, your opinion matters to us, so let us know what you think!

Here comes December, and Open Tournaments!

It’s Christmas in advance!
Here we are again, with a selection of Open tournaments for you to play in!
So take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

cod-wwii CoD: World War II Open Tournaments

Queensland Cup #2by PvP Gaming 16 Teams 16/12/2017 Register
Ps4 CoD:WW2 4v4by Go Big or Go Home Ent. 24 Teams 17/12/2017 Register
WAES CHAMPS #1by WAES Torneios 32 Teams 17/12/2017

clashroyale Clash Royale Open Tournaments

(Re)play²by LANA France 32 Players 17/12/2017 Register
The Royal Primeby INDRA 256 Players 31/12/2017

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Open Tournaments

FDJ Open Series #10by FDJ Esport 128 Teams 03/12/2017 Register
Straight to the Top!by DTB Tournaments 8 Teams 07/12/2017
KEL Christmas 2017by Kingston’s eSports League 8 Teams 15/12/2017
1on1 AIM Cupby FireWall Gaming 32 Teams 16/12/2017 Register

fifa18 FIFA 18 Open Tournaments

eCOPA Sud-Ouest – Q.2by Coca-Cola 4096 Players 04/12/2017
Telethon 2017by LANA France 16 Players 09/12/2017 Register
E-Sports Cup Nordby UNICUM GmbH 256 Players 11/12/2017 Register

lol League of Legends Open Tournaments

IGC Tournament LoLby ItaliaGamingClub 8 Teams 07/12/2017
Tournoi LoLby Esaip Lan 16 Teams 09/12/2017 Register
Winter Seasonby Multimedia 12 Teams 10/12/2017 Register
Urbanlan Winter 2017by UrbanLan Ry 8 Teams 27/12/2017

overwatch Overwatch Open Tournaments

OW Mini Leagueby Vinrich & Fox 8 Teams 09/12/2017
Clutch Tournamentby Clutch Gaming 48 Teams 10/12/2017 Register
Heroes of Ananas #4by Sylvanas 32 Teams 15/12/2017 Register

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!