Here comes December, and Open Tournaments!

It’s Christmas in advance!
Here we are again, with a selection of Open tournaments for you to play in!
So take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

cod-wwii CoD: World War II Open Tournaments

Queensland Cup #2by PvP Gaming 16 Teams 16/12/2017 Register
Ps4 CoD:WW2 4v4by Go Big or Go Home Ent. 24 Teams 17/12/2017 Register
WAES CHAMPS #1by WAES Torneios 32 Teams 17/12/2017

clashroyale Clash Royale Open Tournaments

(Re)play²by LANA France 32 Players 17/12/2017 Register
The Royal Primeby INDRA 256 Players 31/12/2017

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Open Tournaments

FDJ Open Series #10by FDJ Esport 128 Teams 03/12/2017 Register
Straight to the Top!by DTB Tournaments 8 Teams 07/12/2017
KEL Christmas 2017by Kingston’s eSports League 8 Teams 15/12/2017
1on1 AIM Cupby FireWall Gaming 32 Teams 16/12/2017 Register

fifa18 FIFA 18 Open Tournaments

eCOPA Sud-Ouest – Q.2by Coca-Cola 4096 Players 04/12/2017
Telethon 2017by LANA France 16 Players 09/12/2017 Register
E-Sports Cup Nordby UNICUM GmbH 256 Players 11/12/2017 Register

lol League of Legends Open Tournaments

IGC Tournament LoLby ItaliaGamingClub 8 Teams 07/12/2017
Tournoi LoLby Esaip Lan 16 Teams 09/12/2017 Register
Winter Seasonby Multimedia 12 Teams 10/12/2017 Register
Urbanlan Winter 2017by UrbanLan Ry 8 Teams 27/12/2017

overwatch Overwatch Open Tournaments

OW Mini Leagueby Vinrich & Fox 8 Teams 09/12/2017
Clutch Tournamentby Clutch Gaming 48 Teams 10/12/2017 Register
Heroes of Ananas #4by Sylvanas 32 Teams 15/12/2017 Register

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!

Multi-Selection now available in the Registrations List!

Today, we release yet another feature to ease up the life of our organizers. Handling your registrations has never been this easy!
With our new Multi-Selection, you may now select several registrations to perform an action on them all at once, or filter them out to mass apply a new status (Accept all currently Pending requests for example).
And because a few images speak a thousand words, here they are:

New action buttons and icons have appeared on the List of Registrations:

They become active depending on the displayed registrations, to let you know which actions are possible on the current selection:

Here, when filtering Accepted Registrations, you may only Refuse or Reset them (as they are already Accepted, and only Pending registrations can be Deleted):

Finally, you may use the action icons at the end of the lines, or check individual registrations to change their statuses, just like you used to:

Meet the Widgets

Every tournament created on comes with its widgets for you to use. There are currently four different ones, that all have a specific purpose.
Resizable and available in 7 languages, they can all be added with a single line of HTML code to any website, for you to easily display all information to any passer-by!

The Registration Widget

Available in Dark or Light mode, this widget is a simple button allowing you to redirect wanna-be participants to your tournament for them to register:

The Tournament Widget

This generic widget evolves as the tournament goes, to display information before it starts, latest and upcoming matches during the event, and the Winner when the tournament is over. No further action is required on your side, as it automatically updates as the status of the tournament changes.

The Stage Widget

You may choose any stage of your tournament to get displayed with this widget. Display will then depend on the type of stage selected, but it can accomodate any kind of stage!

The Schedule Widget

Use this one to display your detailed match schedule!

On your website!

As stated before, including one of our widgets on your website only requires you to add a single line of HTML, that is automatically generated under the “Share” menu, both in the Organizer Dashboard and the Public Pages of the tournament. Width and Height can be changed to accomodate the display you wish to provide to your audience, and the result is awesome:


Meet the Toornament TV

All tournaments created on come with their own version of our smart TV, which is a dynamically updated display of the relevant tournament information.
It was tailor-made for offline tournaments involving multiple spots (gaming zone, stages…) and public audience.
Tournament TV is a smart, automated public display solution, designed with this key goals in mind :

  • Better understanding of the tournament(s) advancement
  • Dresses up your event with live content : photos, info strips, scores
  • Keeps the visitor informed, entertained and starving for more

It is also a great resource for livestreaming, to display information in between matches for your audience to see.

How does the Toornament TV works ? Well, it can’t get easier than this : the whole system is automated. We’ve designed a smart behaviour, setting a wide and relevant set of rules, so that the TV makes the right decisions and displays the right info at the right time.
The added value is huge : for no extra time or people in your team, your event gets much easier to understand and follow. And much prettier, too !

The TV customization menu is accessible from the “Share” menu in the Organizer Dashboard, to set your own logos, colors and overlay, as can be seen with those custom TVs from Quakecon 2017:

And here it is, in situation, with a photo taken during the event:

For more information, and all technical questions you may still have, see our Toornament TV User Guide, and don’t hesitate asking us!

The Match Lobby is now available on the Mobile App!

As promised, you may now access the Match Lobby of all of your matches directly within the Toornament Mobile App!
The very same features are available, in a chat module designed just like the web version (why change something that works?).

As always, let us know what you think of this new feature, and having released it only means we can now work at making it even better!