Meet the Partner: HeroesHype

Time to meet another one of our Partners, with HeroesHype, a premiere Heroes of the Storm organization!

To start, please introduce yourself and your project

Hi! I’m Tristen Holcomb, aka “Mantis701” the Tournament Director over at HeroesHype. At HeroesHype we organize competitive esports tournaments and grow gaming communities through content and events. We’ve been running amateur and Pro-Am tournaments for over four years and currently run the HGC Open Division 2018 for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm!

We do it all at HeroesHype and are constantly pushing the bounds of what it means to be a Tournament Organizer. On the esports side we create a bridge for players to go from amateur to pro by hosting consistent and stable prized tournaments that are highly competitive and operate like Pro leagues. The community side is supporting the players and viewers by creating content like Top Plays Vods, articles, interviews, Player/Team features, and hosting events at LANs for players and fans to interact.

How did you discover Toornament?

We were looking for a new platform to run our tournaments on because our previous platform didn’t have the functionality and usability we needed. We chose Toornament because it is bug-free, clean, and easy to use for players and our staff. We also loved the integration into our website via the API.

What feature(s) do you like the most on Toornament?

The API is a wonderful and powerful feature which we have big plans for. We also find the ability to export registration or participant information to a spreadsheet very useful in roster tracking.

Anything you want to add?

Our focus at HeroesHype is fostering the entire community surrounding Heroes of the Storm. Our crew is passionate about gaming and we want to help players succeed, so we base our resources around supporting them. There is nothing more inspiring for us than watching someone compete week after week in our tournaments and work their way to the pros!”
Eunice Chen, Owner and Founder

heroeshype squad

A big thank you to our community that has supported for all these years by playing in our tournaments, tuning in to our shows, and being a part of this adventure with us!

Many thanks to the whole HeroesHype Squad for their time and implication. Make sure to check their Twitch, YouTube and Twitter accounts for more awesome content!