In-Game integration: Studio survey

As we have already stated before, one of our long-term goals with Toornament is to enable an easy and efficient in-game integration, to encourage developers, organizers and participants alike with their esport impetus. With the emergence of many new titles every week, we want to be able to provide the best solution possible, and that goes through an open discussion with the people involved.

We carefully listen to the remarks and comments of our organizers and participants, and now it is time for us to widen the scope of our feedback by addressing directly the game studios and developers from all horizons.


We have come up with a short survey to help us identify the challenges and needs you may have, as game creators eager to implement some sort of competition process in your game. Whether it’s with a real esport objective in mind, or for recreational purposes, your opinion matters to us!

Take the Survey!

Thank you for your time!

Toornament v2: Structures

With the new Version comes the new Structure System. Currently, when creating a tournament, you have to choose a structure template from a wide selection. It’s quite simple, and presets allow for fast creation, but it can limit organizers looking to create more original formats.

From today on, the new system is out, and there are no more templates, no more limitations; organizers are now 100% free when it comes to creating their tournament structure. You can freely add, modify and delete stages in your tournaments. And because a few images speak a thousand words:


You will create your structure by adding stages to it, and can do so whenever you want/need to. As in the example, this means you can create all the stages of your competition in a single tournament (qualifiers, groups, league, playoffs and anything!), and imagine if you are having a great tournament, and suddenly, too many people want to participate in your qualifier, you can just add a new one! Each stage is independent, and can be linked to others to have participants move between each stage of the competition through our new Placement process.

If you wish to delve deeper into the different types of stages available, check our Format Guide!

HaloWC 2017 is upon us! Let’s take a look at the whole season

When talking about Esport shooters, Halo 5 Guardians sure is an outsider, but it would be an error to underestimate or mock the title, or its achievements.

After an astonishing 2016 year, that started with a $2.500.000 World Championship, culminating point of a season that span over 4 monthes, Halo 5 is back for its second annual World Championship, one year precisely after its first iteration.

12 teams have qualified through various tournaments to secure their spot in the World Finals, after several seeding tournaments where cash prizes and ranking points were available.

First off, there were the Seasonal Regional Finals (all links from here on are with results & VODs available!):

Then the unique LAN events started, early 2017, with the Saint Louis Qualifier, that was to offer 2 qualifying spots, but ended giving seeding points towards the next qualifiers. Next up was the London Qualifier, where FAB Games and Supremacy won their tickets. The Mexico Qualifier came afterwards, with one qualifying spot grabbed by SoaR Gaming (known as ShockTheWorld at the time).
Finally, 6 out of the 9 remaining slots were for grabs in the Las Vegas Qualifier, and there, OpTic Gaming (current champions, previously under the Counter Logic Gaming banner), Team Liquid, Team EnvyUs, TMMT Crowd Pleasers (previously Pnda Gaming), Str8 Rippin and Luminosity Gaming qualified.

3 teams were still to be selected to participate in the 7-figures World Championship, and after the representative from ANZ got selected, Last Chance Qualifiers were held online in Europe and North America with 1 slot each. The teams that qualified were:

  • Team Immunity (ANZ)
  • London Conspiracy (EU)
  • Splyce (NA)

We now have our 12 participating teams, and the 2017 World Championship is about to begin!

The HCT Winter Championship 2017

The Bahamas, the sun, the sea, the beaches, Hearthstone … Wait? What ?! Yes, you read that right, this week-end will be held in Nassau, Bahamas, the HCT Winter Championship, with the 16 best players of the world, who fought their way through their regional qualifiers (Europe, North America, China & South-East Asia).

In case you missed how they fared in their respective qualifiers, we got you covered !

At the end of the Winter Championship, the 4 best players will have their tickets to compete in the World Championship (where a king is crowned and $1.000.000 is split !), and as if that was not an incentive strong enough, there is a $250.000 cash prize to be shared, with the winner receiving $60.000 !

So don’t miss the competition, some fancy decks may surface, and high level of play will be seen for sure ! And of course, it’s all on Toornament :

The CWL Paris Open 2017 Infographic !

Last month was held in Paris the third Major LAN Event for Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare, during the ESWC Winter. 62 teams gathered to fight for the title and their share of the $100.000 cash prize in what has been the biggest CoD european event ever, with record mobilization from U.S teams, led by OpTic Gaming, who brought the trophy home for the third time in a row.

We wanted to go back to this amazing event, and built one of our infographics to live through this experience again, here it is!


Toornament was, once again, the solution chosen by the organizers to manage the whole competition, from team registration to the displaying of results and all things tournament-related on-stage.


In case you missed the tournament, or just wanted to look into it again, all the results and replays are available on Toornament: