The CWL Paris Open 2017 Infographic !

Last month was held in Paris the third Major LAN Event for Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare, during the ESWC Winter. 62 teams gathered to fight for the title and their share of the $100.000 cash prize in what has been the biggest CoD european event ever, with record mobilization from U.S teams, led by OpTic Gaming, who brought the trophy home for the third time in a row.

We wanted to go back to this amazing event, and built one of our infographics to live through this experience again, here it is!


Toornament was, once again, the solution chosen by the organizers to manage the whole competition, from team registration to the displaying of results and all things tournament-related on-stage.


In case you missed the tournament, or just wanted to look into it again, all the results and replays are available on Toornament:

Before Season 3 kicks-off, relive Rocket League Esports history

From its very name, it was pretty obvious Rocket League wanted to go down the competitive road, but no one expected such a success. After a Pro Rocket League by MLG late-2015, Psyonix decided to invest in their own League, called the Rocket League Championship Series (or RLCS), starting March 2016.

This first season went through the summer, and ended in August with a $55,000 cash prize (for a total of approximately $75k for the whole season).

If you missed it, you can still see all results on Toornament :

A North American team went home with the title, and soon was announced a second season, to take place in December 2016. This time, European teams came back in force, and swiped everything. The whole podium was occupied by European rosters, who claimed the title and the lion’s share of the $125,000 cash prize allocated to the finals (part of the $200+k total cash prize of the season).

You can also find all Season 2 related results and replays of the matches on Toornament, including the MidSeason Mayhem tournaments, sort of fun separate competitions in which the teams play with several rule changes offered by the game, such as different game modes, Mutators and the likes, not unlike what is done by Riot Games during the League of Legends Championship Series with the All-Stars.

And after two massively successful seasons, we are back for a third season, with the European Top 3 from last season, and NA teams willing to do whatever it takes to reclaim their glory back (and probably also a fair share of the total cash prize of approximately $300k shared between the different Season tournaments).
Having started as a real outsider in Esports, Rocket League is now a contender to be taken seriously, with a huge player base (the game passed 25 Million Players earlier this year), growing numbers in every other aspect, and a will to delve deeper in this ecosystem.
The last qualifiers for Season 3 are over, and the participants and schedule are now known:

The League Play is set to start this week-end, with matches every week-end until the end of April, with the MidSeason Mayhem played in early April, the Regional Finals early May and the World Championship in June. And in the meantime, because there will only be so much you can watch, why not play in some of the Rocket League Open Tournaments currently available on Toornament?


Toornament menu #5: What to Watch, Where to Play

As your Esports platform, Toornament brings you many tournaments to follow and even more to participate in.

Check out all our “Games” sections and browse the “Featured” and “Open” tabs. Here are some noteworthy picks from our staff:


OW APEX Season 2

When Overwatch came, the big question was: “Will South Korea dive into an FPS?”. The answer is resounding yes and the Korean teams are already dominating, with pristine skill and innovative picks which have redefine the meta many times already – check out Lunatic Hai on Youtube to see what we’re talking about. If you love the game, you can’t miss its main Korean league!

Also worth watching


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Wanna show your individual skills at LoL? Happen to be in Sofia, Bulgaria? Enter this 1v1 challenge and win great prizes!

The Just Dance World Cup 2017 Infographic

Toornament, back at it with the colorful infographics!

Last February, Paris hosted the first ESWC Winter. One of its 4 tournaments were the electric Finals of the 2017 Just Dance World Cup.

The 18 best Just Dancers in the world gathered show their moves, precision and style. And they did not disappoint, with crazy matches, cliffhangers and torn jurys.
We retrieved all the results entered by the organizers and came up with these curated datas:


Here are all the results:

Just Dance is a unique game and unique Esport. Style and substance matter more than execution and body-controlled gameplay widens our horizons. We look forward to follow the Just Dance scene even more for next year World Cup!

Note: the French version of our infographic is available here.