Dive into the DOTA Asia Championships 2017

12 Teams have been competing in one of the biggest DotA 2 tournaments of the year for 2 weeks, and it has now come to an end. First, here is the breakdown of the origin of those teams:

Invited China Qualifier America Qualifier Europe Qualifier SEA Qualifier CIS Qualifier
wings_logo invictus-gaming_logo team_np_logo faceless_logo liquid_logo empire_logo
evil-geniuses_logo team-vg-j_logo Click on an icon to see the matches from that team in the Group Stage.

All matches have detailed results, statistics and replays available !

og_logo invictus-gaming-vitality_logo
newbee_logo lgd-forever-young_logo

The Group Stage has been quite a fight, with 60 games played, and it is time to take a look at some statistics, all obtained via the Toornament API during the coverage of the competition, a process available to all organizers.

  • 41 Minutes per game
  • 47.8 Kills per game
  • 49 Deaths per game
  • 113 Assists per game

Even though the fights were tense, a trend in Win Rates could be seen, as seen in the Side comparison, and the extremes for teams:

Group Stage – Win Rate
radiant 55%45% dire
og_logo 90%20% faceless_logo

OG‘s Win Rate of course reflects on their Income, as they earned around 13,2k Gold per player and per game, but they are far from the best farmers there is, ranking 6th, with the Top place going to Newbee with 1,136 Last Hits per game, which translates to a staggering 227 Last Hits per player on their team. But this had an other effect, in that Newbee was also the team with the longest duration for Won Games, with an average of 49 Minutes per game.

And before we move on to the Main Event, let’s take a look at some champion statistics:

Champion Games played Win Rate (>5games) Pick/Ban Rate
monkeyking 26 58% 43% / 17%
earthspirit 26 58% 43% / 28%
lina 22 77% 37% / 10%
magnus 19 69% 32% / 62%

Now, on to even more serious matters with the Main Event! All 12 teams qualified at the end of the Group Stage, but got seeded into the Double-Elimination Bracket depending on their results (best two teams from each group started in the Winners’ Bracket, all others in the Losers’ Bracket).

Before we get into some more statistics, here is the final Bracket with detailed results, statistics and replays, once again. The first round of the Losers’ Bracket pitting teams that ranked 3rd-6th in the groups is in a separate group accessible through the menu (Matches > Losers’ Round 1):

And now, the statistics! 30 games were played, in 14 matches:

  • 45 Minutes per game
  • 46.3 Kills per game
  • 47.4 Deaths per game
  • 113 Assists per game

Games were a bit longer, with a bit less kills and deaths, but still as many assists, revealing an even more teamplay-oriented strategy from the teams. Let’s delve a bit deeper into numbers from the teams of the Top-8 during the Main Event (once again, logos link to the matches of said team, where you will be able to find detailed match results and statistics, along with replays):

Team Rank Team Kills Avg. Team Deaths Avg. Team Assists Avg. Team K/D/A Avg. Player Gold Avg.
invictus-gaming_logo 1st 25.6 18.4 61 4.72 12,424
og_logo 2nd 22.4 26.4 59.4 3.1 14,210
newbee_logo 3rd 20.7 23.4 47.8 2.9 10,926
invictus-gaming-vitality_logo 4th 20.1 23 55.6 3.29 10,885
empire_logo 5-6th 19.2 22 46 2.96 10,177
evil-geniuses_logo 30.7 23.8 65.5 4.04 12,728
team-vg-j_logo 7-8th 27 22.8 71.8 4.33 9,728
faceless_logo 26 31 57.8 2.70 11,482

And to conclude, a quick Champion overview, with the record holder of each category during the Main Event:

Champion Games played Win Rate (>5games) Pick/Ban Rate
earthspirit 18 44% 57% / 27%
invoker 8 75% 27% / 23%
alchemist 7 71% 23% / 67%

We hope you enjoyed this tournament as much as we did, and if you couldn’t follow it live, you have all you need to catch up now!