The HCT Winter Championship 2017

The Bahamas, the sun, the sea, the beaches, Hearthstone … Wait? What ?! Yes, you read that right, this week-end will be held in Nassau, Bahamas, the HCT Winter Championship, with the 16 best players of the world, who fought their way through their regional qualifiers (Europe, North America, China & South-East Asia).

In case you missed how they fared in their respective qualifiers, we got you covered !

At the end of the Winter Championship, the 4 best players will have their tickets to compete in the World Championship (where a king is crowned and $1.000.000 is split !), and as if that was not an incentive strong enough, there is a $250.000 cash prize to be shared, with the winner receiving $60.000 !

So don’t miss the competition, some fancy decks may surface, and high level of play will be seen for sure ! And of course, it’s all on Toornament :