HaloWC 2017 is upon us! Let’s take a look at the whole season

When talking about Esport shooters, Halo 5 Guardians sure is an outsider, but it would be an error to underestimate or mock the title, or its achievements.

After an astonishing 2016 year, that started with a $2.500.000 World Championship, culminating point of a season that span over 4 monthes, Halo 5 is back for its second annual World Championship, one year precisely after its first iteration.

12 teams have qualified through various tournaments to secure their spot in the World Finals, after several seeding tournaments where cash prizes and ranking points were available.

First off, there were the Seasonal Regional Finals (all links from here on are with results & VODs available!):

Then the unique LAN events started, early 2017, with the Saint Louis Qualifier, that was to offer 2 qualifying spots, but ended giving seeding points towards the next qualifiers. Next up was the London Qualifier, where FAB Games and Supremacy won their tickets. The Mexico Qualifier came afterwards, with one qualifying spot grabbed by SoaR Gaming (known as ShockTheWorld at the time).
Finally, 6 out of the 9 remaining slots were for grabs in the Las Vegas Qualifier, and there, OpTic Gaming (current champions, previously under the Counter Logic Gaming banner), Team Liquid, Team EnvyUs, TMMT Crowd Pleasers (previously Pnda Gaming), Str8 Rippin and Luminosity Gaming qualified.

3 teams were still to be selected to participate in the 7-figures World Championship, and after the representative from ANZ got selected, Last Chance Qualifiers were held online in Europe and North America with 1 slot each. The teams that qualified were:

  • Team Immunity (ANZ)
  • London Conspiracy (EU)
  • Splyce (NA)

We now have our 12 participating teams, and the 2017 World Championship is about to begin!