Free-for-All and Racing Games

Get behind the wheel and win! Remember our FFA Update? It’s been proven that it works wonders for all Battle Royale games and the likes of them, but what’s less known is that these new formats and structures are also perfect for all of you, Racing Sim fans out there!

Whether you are a Trackmania, Mario Kart, Formula 1 or any other racing game fan, there is a Structure for you!
Check these tournaments using Toornament new FFA features:

F1 Esports Series 2017

This competition followed a standardized F1 ruleset (except one of the races had basically double the points). Three races, points earned after each race depending on the position and a final standing to determine the winner:

Zrt Trackmania Cup 2017

The french community-favorite Trackmania competition is back this year, and here is last year final stage, with two semi-finals and a grand final.

The platform is fully ready to welcome you and your epic racing competitions, so no time to lose:

Beyond the Void now on Toornament!

Beyond the Void is a new fast-paced game available in early access for free on Steam. It is an original mix of RTS and MOBA, blending strategy, action and competition in a 1 vs 1 space setting where you play the captain of a spaceship with a mission: destroying your enemy’s mother-planet. To achieve that, you will develop your fleet by collecting a rare resource called Ambrosium and conquering new planets.

beyond the void

It is a game with challenging PvP features and that’s why it is now available on Toornament: so that the community has the opportunity to participate in competitions, just like Xoza1n who won the Ambro Cup #2, second edition of the monthly series!
So if you want to test your skill and abilities, register for the next Ambro Cup taking place on Sunday 17th June. Here are the details:

«Toornament is the platform that our community recommended to us. I personally often used it for tournaments I entered on different games and I find it easy to take in hand, both as a player or as an organizer. It makes it possible for the community to create its own tournament and, for us, to support them. It also offers a large set of tools for the communication around the tournament.»
Etienne, Beyond the Void Community Manager

Welcome to Beyond the Void and its community, we hope you will have a blast playing this game competitively!

Meet the Partner: HeroesHype

Time to meet another one of our Partners, with HeroesHype, a premiere Heroes of the Storm organization!

To start, please introduce yourself and your project

Hi! I’m Tristen Holcomb, aka “Mantis701” the Tournament Director over at HeroesHype. At HeroesHype we organize competitive esports tournaments and grow gaming communities through content and events. We’ve been running amateur and Pro-Am tournaments for over four years and currently run the HGC Open Division 2018 for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm!

We do it all at HeroesHype and are constantly pushing the bounds of what it means to be a Tournament Organizer. On the esports side we create a bridge for players to go from amateur to pro by hosting consistent and stable prized tournaments that are highly competitive and operate like Pro leagues. The community side is supporting the players and viewers by creating content like Top Plays Vods, articles, interviews, Player/Team features, and hosting events at LANs for players and fans to interact.

How did you discover Toornament?

We were looking for a new platform to run our tournaments on because our previous platform didn’t have the functionality and usability we needed. We chose Toornament because it is bug-free, clean, and easy to use for players and our staff. We also loved the integration into our website via the API.

What feature(s) do you like the most on Toornament?

The API is a wonderful and powerful feature which we have big plans for. We also find the ability to export registration or participant information to a spreadsheet very useful in roster tracking.

Anything you want to add?

Our focus at HeroesHype is fostering the entire community surrounding Heroes of the Storm. Our crew is passionate about gaming and we want to help players succeed, so we base our resources around supporting them. There is nothing more inspiring for us than watching someone compete week after week in our tournaments and work their way to the pros!”
Eunice Chen, Owner and Founder

heroeshype squad

A big thank you to our community that has supported for all these years by playing in our tournaments, tuning in to our shows, and being a part of this adventure with us!

Many thanks to the whole HeroesHype Squad for their time and implication. Make sure to check their Twitch, YouTube and Twitter accounts for more awesome content!

May is the month to Play (in our Open Tournaments)!

New month, new Open Community tournaments!
Take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

codwwii Darwin Project

Tournamentby Classroom Community (PC) 10 Players 19/05/2018 Register
Hunter Games #3by Darwin Project France (PC) 50 Players 19/05/2018 Register
Les Possédésby Commu. Les Possédés (PC) 50 Players 26/05/2018 Register

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CSGO 1vs1by (PC) 24 Players 20/05/2018
EU Leagueby Tom Vincenti (PC) 16 Teams 25/05/2018
CSGO Turnering 2018 #2by HH LAN (PC) 20 Teams 25/05/2018
GO-League #3by (PC) 16 Teams 26/05/2018
Intercollege Genysis Cyber E-Sport (PC) 16 Teams 26/05/2018
ACS League Season 3by Amateur Championship Series (PC) 32 Teams 30/05/2018 Register

fifa18 FIFA 18

Talent Selectaby GameCampCities & Planet Kebab (PS4) 32 Players 19/05/2018 Register
Eurogamer Challengeby Qwatti Digital Entertainment (PS4) 128 Players/td>

19/05/2018 Register
$500 Invitationalby Syndicate Events (PS4) 128 Players 20/05/2018 Register
LG Spring League #19by ФКФ РОССИИ (PS4) 64 Players/td>

20/05/2018 Register

rainbowsix_siege Overwatch

Heroes of Ananas #9by Sylvanas(PC) 32 Teams 18/05/2018 Register
Battle Beginsby Electronic Sport Chaos (PC) 32 Players/td>

19/05/2018 Register
PaF Saturday DH Cupby Les Empafés (PC) 48 Players 19/05/2018 Register
League of Ladiesby Female Legends (PC) 8 Teams/td>

20/05/2018 Register
Uprising Leagueby Gn0me (PC) 16 Teams/td>

The Puck Cup #5by Puckomodo(PC) 16 Teams/td>

26/05/2018 Register

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook, and come advertise it yourself on our Discord Server!

The Free-for-All is here!

After months of hard work, we are finally ready to unveil our new update, containing everything you need to organize and participate in competitions for your favorite Battle Royale games. After our teaser from last week, we have the pleasure to announce that all planned features are now available on the platform!

If you wish to create a great Battle Royale tournament, like the LeStream Show Barrière, search no more, we have all you need!

Come and discover the brand new FFA-tailored structure, that can handle up to 100 players per match, with points and ranks automatically calculated!

More Details

Having the structure is good, but there is more to it! There are New Match Formats & Automated Calculations to make our organizers’ life even easier!

Last, but not least, this update also comes with the possibility to setup your Double Elimination Bracket grand finals the way you see fit, with or without reset!

More Details

All of these confirm that Toornament remains at the forefront of innovation when it comes to creating and managing the best esports competitions out there!

Check our detailed guides on how to create a tournament for your favorite game!

This new format allows you to create your Battle Royale tournaments, but also any other free-for-all format, like Racing Sims or FPS Deathmatches, as long as participants earn points for each game/race!
See our General Guides on how to create tournaments: