What to expect with our next update?

Fellow organizers, now your watch is ended, the Free-for-all structure is headed your way, as the headline of a massive update. To achieve this, we had to rethink a large part of the match system, and took the opportunity to bring some other quality of life improvements along the way!

New match format system

First of all, we have redesigned the match formats, leaving the fixed list of available formats, to allow you to customize every aspect of your match, be it a best-of or a set number of games (like in the FFA).
Plus, each format now comes with a wide array of options, from the number of games to advanced settings for the most advanced one, allowing you to design your matches as you will.

Automated result & score calculation

Thanks to the new match formats, we have been able to develop a much awaited feature, automated calculation of result and score! It means that when selecting your match format, you may opt for a score or result-based calculation!

You will for example be able to only enter game scores, and all the rest will be automatic, the game results will give a Winner status to the highest score, and will automatically get conveyed over to the match level.

The Free-for-all Structure

With all of the stepping stones firmly in place, the Free-for-all new Structure, soberly called “Simple”, is now available! It makes good use of all of the previous improvements and new features to make organizing Battle Royale tournaments a breeze! First, a new match sheet, with reorganized content and a new interface to accommodate the hundred players that can do a Battle Royale match at once!

As you may see, the calculations are present, and you will just have to set the in-game rank and kills of a participant for the system to determine his total score, and rank him accordingly! And if you play several games, it all adds up to give the final standing!
And along comes the public version of the page, for everyone to follow and see the results of a Battle Royale game!

Double Elimination Grand Finals

Another highly requested feature is coming your way with this update, the double elimination Grand Finals Reset! You may now choose a Double Finals setting when creating a Double Elimination bracket, and this will automatically generate or remove the reset depending on the results of the first match of the grand finals, whether the Upper Bracker participant wins, or the Lower Bracket one!

With all these improvements and new features, we assure our position as the best platform to organize your competitions, and there is no way we stop here, and have plenty new things headed your way in the future!

Will Battle Royale generalize competitive gaming?

Let’s start by stating the obvious, the Battle Royale genre is, and has been for a year or so, the go-to trend everyone wants a piece of. Successful titles (do Fortnite and PUBG ring any bell?), viewership records, there is no shortage of superlatives or in-depth analyses to make sure you talk about the (current) golden boy of video games.
But let’s take a different approach, and see what can the Battle Royales really bring to the table, apart from entertainment and numbers in the millions, not that it would not be enough, but we are sure there is more to it!

Indeed, those games came with their own revolution for competitive gaming and esports, especially with the new formats they brought along. Grand scale battles were previously a prerogative of large-scale shooters such as Battlefield or Planetside, with large groups of players fighting in battles ranging from sixty-four to several hundred players at a time. If competitiveness was without a doubt present, there was not much room for structured competition. That changed when the Battle Royales started pitting a hundred players against one another, with all but a single goal to reach, be the last man standing (or prone, we are not judging!).

Top #1 from the first game of El Rubius’ Youtubers Tournament

The Free-For-all is no innovation, games like Quake or Unreal Tournament were very used to it, and had a vivid competitive scene, arguably kickstarting esports. But the real change that Battle Royales bring is one step above, not at the match structure (it’s just a matter of scale, even though it’s linked), but at the tournament level. Indeed, in the past, when you wanted to organize a 64-players tournament, you had to select a structure. Will it be Round-Robin followed by a Bracket? Or maybe just a huge Double-Elimination Bracket? What about Swiss Stages, Leagues and the mix of all of those? For a player, the huge deal was also that you could get eliminated pretty early on, leaving you with nothing but your eyes to cry and watch your defiler carrying on. As a spectator, some structures were, puzzling, to say the least, and to this day, some tournaments are organized with structures that require you to have a PhD. in esports to understand…
In a Battle Royale, if you want to organize a 64-players tournament, well, it’s easy enough, you just play N matches, cumulate points from those matches, and just like that, you have your tournament, ranking and winner! It’s easy for players, it’s perfect for viewers, as it’s almost 100% gameplay, with a few minutes needed between each match to start the next one.

All of this generates a great commitment because everyone gets to play all games (unless of course, they are quitters when they calculate they mathematically can’t win anymore), and viewers can cheer for their favorite player/team all competition long. Plus, the timeframe and simple structure make those kind of competitions available to all, and saying that, we are eyeing towards streamers who want to set up a fun tournament for their viewers for example…

Add the fact that at the community level, they will usually be solo tournaments, and you have a great recipe for success, as it’s easy to register, fast to set up and players remain involved.
For all of these reasons, it was important for us to provide our community with the right tools to organize such competitions in even better conditions, hence why we have been working hard to make sure the platform would be ready by the time the games allow everyone to organize their own tournament, and it’s close… real close!

April Community Tournaments

New month, new Open Community tournaments!
Take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

codwwii CoD: World War II

Kansas City Openby Kansas City Commission (PS4) 16 Teams 28/04/2018 Register
EGR 2v2 SnD #2by Official EGR (PS4) 32 Teams 21/05/2018 Register

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Scorpia 2v2 #1by Scorpia Tournaments (PC) 16 Teams 20/04/2018
Fight 2v2 #1by Le Salty Club (PC) 16 Teams 27/04/2018 Register
Scorpia Brawl #3by Scorpia Tournaments (PC) 16 Teams 27/04/2018

fortnite Fortnite

El Torneo SOLOby ElManolito (PC & PS4) 200 Players 18/04/2018
1v1 Killer Tournament #1by Premier Esports (PC & PS4) 4096 Players 04/05/2018

rainbowsix_siege Rainbow Six: Siege

Joel Ngindu Prime Cupby DIIDA (PC) 32 Teams 20/04/2018
WAS Esports Leagueby Wolves Among Sheeps (PC) 8 Teams 27/04/2018
Stelis Esport Tournamentby Elallandria, Rcuth, Hobbit, Jeppe, DarkOzon (PC) 50 Teams 28/04/2018 Register

tekken7 Tekken 7

WP01 Tekken Saturdayby Well Playd (PS4) 64 Players 21/04/2018 Register
TCT Excellent Tournamentby Tekken Catania (PS4) 24 Players 29/04/2018 Register

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook, and come advertise it yourself on our Discord Server!

Meet the Partner: Area52

This week, we meet with Area52, Toornament Partners who are getting close to having a 4-digits number of tournaments on the platform!

To start, please introduce yourself and your project

Our organization is called “Area52”. We are an Austrian eSports and Gaming Lounge based in Vienna. Each weekend dozens of kids and young adults visit our facility and spend their day playing games with friends and attending competitions. Each weekend we host several tournaments, some of them are small and community-based and some of them are big international qualifiers.
Our daily business is eSports and Gaming – and we love it!


How did you discover Toornament?

We tried several tournament platforms but sticked to Toornament.com after a while. For us this tool provides a lot of flexibility and a lot of features. We never host tournaments without it now.

What feature(s) do you like the most on Toornament?

Hard question. For 80 % of our tournaments we just need basic features (add competitors, define structure and validate results). But for the other 20 % we enjoy using the full range: Toornament TV, Online Signup, different Tournament stages, ….

Anything you want to add?

Together with our national eSports federation we started a course / training for online eSports referees. This course provides basic knowledge for future tournament admins. Attendees can sign up for free and receive a certificate afterwards. We are happy to feature Toornament there!

We want to thank our partners from Area52 for the time taken to answer our questions, and can’t wait to see what other amazing tournaments they have in store!

Two of the biggest EU LAN Parties are this week-end!

This week-end in France will be held the Gamers Assembly, and the Copenhagen Games in Denmark. For the occasion, thousands of participants and dozens of thousands of spectators are expected, both on site and online, to take part in these huge events.
Toornament has this year again been chosen to be the platform of choice for these competitions, and here they are:

Gamers Assembly 2018

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
32 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
5 000€
lol League of Legends
64 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
20 000€
overwatch OMEN by HP Overwatch Trophy
40 Teams – Groups + Elite / Amateur Playoffs
Played on PC
8 000€
hearthstone Hearthstone
160 Players – Swiss System + Playoffs
Played on PC
6 400 €
r6s Trophée Rainbow Six Siege
32 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
7 500€
r6s Rainbow Six Siege XBox One
12 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on XBox One
1 000 €
sc2_lotv Starcraft II
64 Players – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
1 600 €
krosmaga Krosmaga
36 Players – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
1 600 €
rocketleague Rocket League
32 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
2 400 €
streetfighterv Street Fighter V 1v1
48 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on PS4
1 500 €
streetfighterv Street Fighter V 3v3
48 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on PS4
supersmashbros Super Smash Bros
64 Players – Bracket
Played on WiiU
1 500 €
dbfz Dragon Ball FighterZ Nacon Trophy
64 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on PS4
1 500 €

There are also Trackmania tournaments, with Stadium, Fullspeed, Canyon and Dirt.
Battle Royale will also of course be present with PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds and the Shadow Trophy Fortnite!

But this event is not just for players, the week-end is also going to be filled with Exhibitors and Cosplayers, among other things.
If you cant not make it to Poitiers to follow this event live, make sure to check what is happening on the Official Twitch Channel, if you wish to participate or have any question about the event, you may join the Official Discord Server.

Copenhagen Games 2018

csgo Main Qualifier
114 Teams – Bracket Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
100 000€
csgo Samsung Female
32Teams – Bracket Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
$25 000
lol LOL Tournament
32 Teams – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
20 000 DKK
pubg PUBG Tournament
Open Registration – BR Matches
Played on PC
Gaming Prizes
hearthstone Hearthstone Tournament
64 Players – Swiss + Playoffs
Played on PC
5 000 DKK
tf2 TF2 Tournament
64 Players – Swiss + Playoffs
Played on PC
3 000 €
tf2 FIFA18 Tournament
64 Players – Groups + Playoffs
Played on PC
15 000 DKK

The Copenhagen Games will feature more tournaments, that you may see HERE, and other festivities such as Cosplays and Esports Conferences.
If you can not make it in time to Copenhagen, follow all programs on the Official Twitch Stream!