Organizer API v.2 and new Disciplines

Huge news for our fellow organizers that are also developers, our new version of the API just got a lot of its missing endpoints in the Organizer scope!

You are now able to perform actions on your tournaments, such as creating a new one, retrieving all of your tournaments, editing their general settings and even deleting them!

Along with these tournament endpoints, Matches and Participants also have their endpoints in the API v.2!

See our API Documentation for all useful information about this tool for you to use our Toornament technology on your website, to improve your event production! If you would like to build amazing things with our API, request an access by sending an email to our Contact!

On another note, we also updated our list of available disciplines, by adding a bunch of new (and older) ones:

Mario Tennis Aces
The Crew 2
World of Warcraft
Cuisine Royale
MotoGP 18
Fractured Lands
Icons: Combat Arena

If you want us to add your game, or a game you organize tournaments on, to our supported list, feel free to contact us and we will gladly meet your demand!

Tooltips & New Settings

Following our Dashboard Update, we keep on improving our organizers’ experience with the platform with these two new quality-of-life updates:


Help messages are now integrated into the platform, for a better readability, without being in the way of more advanced users.


Pay attention, some of them have links inside to learn more about advanced features!

New Settings

Just like how we gathered all relevant information about the tournament status on a single interactive Dashboard, all settings are now accessible from a single page, much clearer and design than the unfolding menu:

Blocks may appear or disappear depending on the discipline, and will be greyed out if you do not have the permission to use them.

These are soon to be followed by other improvements, especially in the Participant (registration process update) and Developer (Organizer API v.2) domains! Stay tuned!

In July, take part in Community Tournaments and Dreamhack Valencia

New month, new Open Community tournaments!
Take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion. Note that we have studio-sanctioned tournaments and a Dreamhack this time, with prizes for many of them and the other ones!

btv Beyond The Void

EU Steam Warby Scorpia Tournaments (PC) 32 Players 13/07/2018 Register

fifa FIFA 18

Ace Series S1 P2by Genysis & eCurve (PS4) 64 Players 14/07/2018
1v1 Tournamentby X Axis eSports Lounge (PS4) 32 Players 21/07/2018 Register

fortnite Fortnite

BTC Trophy Duo #5by BornToCarry (PC/PS4) 100 Teams 11/07/2018 Register
GamingBlackOut Duo’sby GamingBlackOut (PC/XOne) 60 Teams 11/07/2018 Register
Fortnite Friday’sby Frizz & Quip(PC/PS4) 16 Teams 13/07/2018 Register

pubgmobile PUBG Mobile

Smokin’ Aces 2by Vadnyugat Gaming (Mobile) 25 Teams 10/07/2018
50v50 Mobileby ARABIC-UNITED (Mobile) 200 Players 10/07/2018
Open 2v2 tournamentby Acceleration Gaming (Mobile) 20 Teams 14/07/2018 Register

And if you are in Spain next week-end, make sure to check out those Dreamhack tournaments!

dreamhack Dreamhack Valencia 2018

fortnite Dreamcup Fortnite 2v2by Dreamhack Spain (PC) 192 Teams 12/07/2018
fortnite Dreamcup Fortnite 4v4by Dreamhack Spain (PC) 96 Teams 12/07/2018
lol Dreamcup LOLby Dreamhack Spain (PC) 64 Teams 12/07/2018
pubg Dreamcup PUBG FFAby Dreamhack Spain (PC) 196 Players 12/07/2018
pubg Dreamcup PUBG Squadsby Dreamhack Spain (PC) 80 Teams 12/07/2018
rl Dreamcup RLby Dreamhack Spain (PC) 64 Teams 12/07/2018

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook, and come advertise it yourself on our Discord Server!

Meet the Partner: Zilat

This week, we go in France to meet with one of our most loyal organizers, present on the platform since the very beginnings, and who logically joined the Partner Program as soon as we created it.

To start, please introduce yourself and your project

Zilat is a non-profit organizer of Lan Parties and BYOC esport competitions.
Created in 2004, our staff has organised more than 30 onsite tournaments in France. Our ambition is to develop the esport events in the north-east of France.

How did you discover Toornament?

The staff of Toornament contacted us many years ago, and we discovered their tool which was already really complete and helped us for all our following tournaments. Today, we can’t expect to organize a tournament without this tool.

What feature(s) do you like the most on Toornament?

We appreciate that the tool can be configured for any type of tournament, we can begin with Swiss rounds, then make a Double Elimination bracket. That capacity to put the results on any websites with the Widgets make this tool really useful for our live communication.
I also like the multiple structure possible in a single tournament.

Anything you want to add?

Thank you Toornament for this really complete tool, we hope that all the eSports community will carry on going on all our events (and all the others) to develop eSport very quickly.

Thank you Alexis from Zilat for your time and kind words!
Check the latest tournaments from Zilat for the Mulhouse Power Gaming Series on CS:GO, League of Legends and Fortnite!

Join the Beyond the Void Steam Wars!

Maybe you remember our on-boarding of Beyond the Void a while back? For those of you who missed it, it’s a free-to-play strategic competitive game with ships, lasers and planets. Combination of the Real-Time-Strategy and MOBA genres, the game is quite the unique experience:

As such, we wanted to promote two tournaments held on the game, one for the North American region, the other one for Europe, both organized by Scorpia Partners.

Prizes are to be won in these tournaments, both cash and in-game legendary rewards!

Try the game, it’s free on Steam!