2022, a landmark year full of highlights

2022 was quite a year for Toornament and its team. Following a previous year of hard development, 2022 saw both the release of major features and the launch of subscription plan offers tailored to the needs of esports tournament organizers.

2022 in a few figures

First of all we thank all the amateur and professional organizers who have chosen Toornament in 2022 to organize their tournaments and bring esports to life on a daily basis.

  • You are 5,500 new active organizers to have joined us in 2022!
  • Newer and older organizers have created 45,000 tournaments during the year.
  • These tournaments have welcomed more than 550,000 participants.
  • More than 1,600,000 matches have been played.

Show me your tournament!

Toornament is proud to have developed the first no-code website builder to create one’s own competition website in the branding of the operation. For the first time, an organizer can create a tournament site with its competition data automatically updated from the Toornament backoffice, and without development knowledge or a development team.

From its first release in early March, the website builder has seen many improvements for which you can discover examples and tutorials from our blog and help center section.

Always more freedom to organize

Toornament’s motto is to give you the maximum freedom to make the competition of your dreams. Thus, in 2022, our team has developed additional features so that you can even more organize any type of competition circuit, tournament or match formats.

  • circuit management to structure a competition of multiple tournaments through seasons, regions and tiers
  • ranking system to generate rankings based on points earned by participants across several tournaments
  • FFA League format for your battle royale and sim racing tournaments
  • score type based on time for your sim racing and speedrunning tournaments

Plans for everyone

All of these 2022 features and the others have been bundled into our subscription plan offering launched during the year. This release also marked a major turning point of the Toornament strategy with its goal to provide an adapted professional solution to each organizer.

  • the Pro Plan to organize any competition circuit whatever the size and complexity
  • the Site Plan to showcase your competition on your own branded website and domain name
  • the API Plan to develop your own tournament tools and platform based on our engine

What next for 2023?

Our development team has already started the work to make 2023 another promising year for tournament organizers of all stripes. In addition to the usual background work on the organizer software or API, 2023 will see the launch of the Platform plan which will open up a whole new field of possibilities for brands, game developers and agencies.

Thank you for staying with us, and get ready for another exciting year in esports!