Introducing the ranking system for tournament

Toornament is proud to release and introduce its new ranking system for tournament! You can now generate your own rankings taking into account the results of several tournaments of a competition circuit.

Ranking participants based on their tournament results remains the basis and goal of any competition.  Most often, ranking is the conclusion of a single tournament results. But, it becomes more and more needed to rank participants across competition circuits made of several tournaments, and not just one. To do it, organizers often end up generating their competition ranking manually with external tools (i.e Excel table, scripts, API).

Fortunately, you can now create rankings, associate them with your competition circuit and automate their calculation thanks to Toornament.
The ranking system for tournament can be setup with the following parameters:

  • Define the type of participant, players or teams
  • Create multiple rankings for the same circuit
  • Apply your ranking to a specific season and/or region
  • Define different ranking points scales to the competition circuit tiers

As an example, we have reproduced a portion of the ATP tennis World Tour 2022 season, with its point system and tournament categories. The example reproduces 4 tournaments from 3 different categories (1 Grand Slam, 2 Master 1000 and 1 Master 500).

View of a list of tournaments from the Toornament organizer dashboardCompetition circuit interface

Each tournament categories has its own points scale.

View of the ranking system settings from the Toornament organizer dashboardRanking system interface

Points are given to the players according to their tournament results and the category of the tournament.

View of a player ranking generated from the results of several tournaments

Circuit ranking public page

Retrieve our ranking full example at: 

Our work does not stop at the ranking system. More options and improvement will be added progressively to the ranking system for tournament.

The ranking system for tournament is available as part of the competition circuit management feature.