Create a FFA League tournament

As esports evolves and games are released, some new structure formats emerge in the landscape and are adopted by tournament organizers. Toornament is continually developing new structures to follow these trends and meet the needs of its users as closely as possible. That’s why today you can create a FFA League tournament for your next free for all competitions thanks to Toornament.

The new FFA League structure makes it possible to create a FFA league tournament with matches of up to 100 participants. These matches award points to establish an overall stage ranking.

As a few examples are worth more than a long description, find below three quick use cases:

APEX League with 60 teams divided in 3 groups and competing each other:

PUBG Nations Cup 2022 with 16 teams playing 4 matchs of 5 games each:

F1 Championship 2022 with 20 drivers playing 3 races:

Setting up your FFA League tournament

The FFA League for tournament includes settings similar to the Duel version:

  • seed participants into different divisions
  • define the number of games of the matches
  • award points based on match or game rank, score or using your own points attribution system
  • manually set the participants who play in each round/match
  • define the tiebreaker rules to be applied in the ranking

All these parameters give you a wide choice of configuration to adapt to your competition needs. Thanks to the Toornament engine, you can also mix the FFA League with other available structure formats to build your competition; such as a FFA League to seed your participants followed by a FFA Single Elimination to determine the winner.

The FFA league structure format is now waiting for you! And to help you in your first steps with this particular structure format, read our Help Center dedicated page on it.