[Organizers] Setting up your match format at every level of your tournament

Setting your Match Format is a very important part of your tournament creation process, as it generates games, details and options tied to the Esport discipline you picked: maps, characters, rules etc.

Furthermore, Toornament allows you to set up different match formats at every stage of your competition.


What does this mean? More flexibility for you. You can have Best of 1 matches except for the Grand Finals in Best of 3, or Home/Away format during the group stage only, for example.

Let’s see how this works and how each settings work with each other.

General setting


The Match Format option can be found in the “Settings” > “General” part of the dashboard, then in the “Match” tab. Setting up your match format here will make it the default format for the whole competition.

Structure setting


This option can be found in the “Structure” part of your dashboard. Pick the  phase you want to edit and click on the “Configure” button in the upper right of the screen.

Setting up your match format here will make it the default
format for the whole phase ( i.e. Group stage, Bracket etc.).

Match setting


Pick a specific match in the “Matches” part of the dashboard. In the “Miscellaneous” tab, you’ll be able to edit the match format.

Setting up your match format here will only modify this specific match and no other.

Match format hierarchy

Now that you where and how to set up match formats, you might wonder what will happen if you’ve made different choices at different stages. Toornament follows a “Match Format hierarchy” that’s quite logical to understand:

The lower layer will overrule the others.

This means that the “Match setting” has priority over the “Structure setting”, which has priority over the “General setting”, or “Match > Structure > General”.

This hierarchy will allow to quickly set up a match format over your whole tournament and then, fine tune it at more precise stages. Give it a try!

[Organizers] Make your own March Madness on Toornament!

One of Basketball fans favorite moment of the year is the ever-popular “March Madness”, where the 64 best NCAA teams duke it out all over March week ends.



Emulating the March Madness format on Toornament is very easy: use our “Bracket Groups” format!

Now use these settings:

  1. Create 4 groups, each one being an equivalent of a NCAA Division
  2. Set them to “Single Elimination“, “16” as Size and “1” group per stage (no need to go into the Advanced Settings)

You’re now set to start your March Madness-like tournament, with each Division leader going to the Playoffs, aka the “Final Four”. Enjoy!

Alternatively, you can have all the Divisions played in a single Stage, with 64 participants split into 4 groups within a single stage: