Pubstomps, here is The International 5 Toornament TV for you!

The International, the most anticipated Dota 2 event of the year, is about to begin. As all the Dota champions and lucky fans will be gathered in Seattle, “pubstomps” around the world will broadcast the $17M tournament, so that Esport fans can watch the matches and have a nice beer.

If you happen to host a pubstomp, we have good news for you!


As our team covers all the tournament from July 26 to August 8, our Toornament TV solution will be up and ready. Quick reminder: Toornament TV is our smart, automated solution to display all the latest results, scores and schedules, photos and twitter feed.

We’ve even designed a special skin for The International 5, so that your pubtomp’s screen perfectly fits in the atmosphere. Of course, our “The International 5” Toornament TV, is completely free to use and share. So feel free to get it and enhance your pubstomp experience!

The International 5: all scores, stats and streams on Toornament

This year Dota 2 largest tournament is poised to be the largest tournament in Esport history. With a jaw-dropping $17M prize money, heavy logistics and all the best teams in the world, the 5th installment of Valve’s own Esport event looks better than ever.


It will also be a long run effort for all participants, as the tournament will follow 3 different steps over a record span of 14 days!

  • Wild Card tournament on Sunday, July 26
  • Group stage on July 27-30
  • Main event on August 3-8

We will cover 100% of the matches and provide you with all results, scores, stats, stream and VODs links. Enjoy !


  • Format: Double Elimination, no Grand Finals
  • Top two teams advance to group stage
  • Bottom two teams are eliminated
  • All matches are best of three

Toornament Widget for the Wild Card tournament. Feel free to share and embed it everywhere!

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  • Format: Group
  • Two groups of eight teams
  • Teams play every other team in their group in a best of 2
  • Top four teams in each group advance to upper bracket of the Main Event
  • Bottom four teams in each group advance to lower bracket of the Main Event


  • Format: Double Elimination, Grand Finals
  • Sixteen teams play in a double elimination format over six days
  • Eight teams begin in the upper bracket, eight in the lower bracket
  • First lower bracket game is best of one, Grand Finals are best of five, all others are best of three

Toornament Widget for the Group stage and Main Event tournaments. Feel free to share and embed it everywhere!

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The Esport events covered on Toornament this week end

This week end will mark the end of the Western LCS splits, the finals for CEVO and Smite Pro and last but not least, the launch of Valve’s long awaited Dota 2 tournament, The International 5.

We’ll keep you posted with these great events, covering them with scores, results, stats and streams/VODs links.

Enjoy and feel free to share/embed them !

LCS North America Summer Split


LCS Europe Summer Split


Smite Pro League Season 2 Finals


CEVO Season 7: Professional Finals


ESL One: Cologne 2015 – EU Offline Qualifier Group 1

ESL One: Cologne 2015 – EU Offline Qualifier Group 2

The International 5

For more details about our coverage on The International 5, go check this post!

We’re enhancing our tournament structures

Good news for you today! We’re enhancing three of our tournament structures, reinforcing Toornament’s leadership in terms of tournament structures and options.

Let’s have a look at the new features!

Swiss system: new pairing rules


Our community has been very happy since we released our Swiss system. Today, we’re enhancing it, adding new pairing algorithms, to fine tune way you want your participants to meet each other.

The default pairing method so far was “Score Group + Random”, which pairs random players with similar Win / Draw / Lose performances in the group.

With our update, you are given the choice with 3 additional methods :

  • Score Groups + Adjacent: The strongest participant of a group is paired with next strongest one of the same group, and so on.
  • Score Groups + Balanced: The new default setting. The strongest participant from the first half is paired with next strongest one of the second half, and so on.
  • Score groups + Opposite: The strongest opponent is paired with the weakest one.

Group stage: new tie breaker options


Deciding the final standings in a group with tied participants is always a tricky situation. We thus added new tie breaker options to help you rule this out.

You can stack up all those rules, the one on the top being the first rule to apply, while the bottom being the last rule to apply.

Note that we’ve added three new rules dedicated to the match score: match score for, against and difference. You can apply these rules to the overall performance, or just focus on the performances between the tied participants.

A League of its own


Last but not least, our League structure has been largely enhanced, now boasting great features:

  • league’s divisions
  • match day view
  • the same new tie breakers rules as in Groups and Swiss system

We hope you’ll enjoy and use these new features and options, stay tuned for more!

EVO 2015: Street Fighter IV Top 64, Smash Bros Melee Top 32

As we were covering all the major Esport tournaments of this past week end, one of our favorite event proved to be both a huge success, and a huge headache to cover. With its thousands of registered players and dozens of tournaments, EVO 2015 was a monster event.

In the end, we saw a lot of partial results scattered all over the web, between the vods, the official schedule and the community sites.

Following thorough researches, we gathered the Top 64 results for the Ultra Street Fighter IV tournament, with detailed scores and characters – when we could get them.


Bonus: here’s the Super Smash Bros Melee Top 32 recap. Enjoy!