The 6 key advantages of the Pro Plan

Nearly one month ago, we release our latest Toornament update which included the new Pro plan. It is now time to go deeper in presenting its 6 key features and advantages.

The Pro Plan has been designed for organizers who are in need of greater visibility for their tournaments and sponsors, as well as collecting data for a growing number of participants. Here is the list of new options that can help you leverage your competition:

1. Organize any competition, however big

The Pro Plan removes the limit on organizing large competitions. The number of participants you can welcome in a single tournament becomes 4,096!

This simple advantage will allow you to give as many people as possible a chance to take part in your competition. But also to grow your sponsors visibility towards a larger audience, while collecting more data if that is what you are after.

The 4,096 participants of the Red Bull Solo Q Brasil 2020 spread across 128 pages

2. Create competition circuit with ranking

The Pro Plan gives you access to the Toornament Circuit and Ranking features. It lets you to manage competition circuit made of multiple tournaments, and attribute to each of them a season, region and tier.

Moreover, the Circuit feature unlocks the possibility to generate your own rankings taking into account the results of several tournaments of a competition circuit. You can also define different ranking points scales to the competition circuit tiers.

With the Pro Plan Circuit feature you can now imagine all kind of competition circuit and their associated rankings.

3. Collect and export your tournament data

With such an amount of participant, you may need to collect some data. The Pro Plan lets you request a greater range of information from your participants when they register, such as social media accounts, personal website etc. You can also define your own custom fields to request specific data. For example, you can create an opt-in checkbox for a newsletter suscription, or a series of checkboxes and custom fields for a survey to better know your registered players.

You will eventually have the possibility to export this data, from participants validated in your tournament, but also from all of the registered participants who did not get a slot or remained on the waiting list.

Lear more about the custom fields in our help center:

4. Increase your sponsors and partners visibility

While you are engaging with more and more participants and viewers, you would like to show them who is helping you organize and finance the competition.

You now have access to a visibility space on your Toornament public page where you can add logos of up to 6 sponsors/partners. So you can display your supports through, without the need for your own website.

Toornament public homepage with 4 sponsor logos visible 

Learn more about sponsor logos in our dedicated blog article:

5. Share your competition information easily

To get more exposure for your competition, you need to share its results to a greater number of people. You will find the Toornament widgets to be easy to use allies in this endeavor. Thanks to the widgets, you can integrate  your competition information on your own website (or one of a media partner or sponsor) without needing any development.

Widgets allow you to create a frame of your competition on any website, by picking one among the list of available ones:

  • the dynamic tournament widget, which displays the current state of the tournament, latest matches etc.
  • the match schedule widget
  • a widget with results of any one stage, group, round or match, whatever the tournament format

RLCS 2022 final stage displayed in a Toornament widget

Learn more about the widgets in our help center:

6. Broadcast your tournament information and results with the Toornament TV

The Toornament TV is an automated and intelligent content display. This is a customizable web page that dynamically displays your tournament results and information. It allows content generation between matches during your livestreams, and helps your audience get the latest and most relevant information by displaying it on large screens during your offline events.

Example of a Toornament TV for the QuakeCon 2017

Learn more about the Toornament TV in our help center:

Keep the best of the Toornament organizer software

These advanced features provided by the Pro Plan are coming with everything that already made the success of our solution such as:

  • 10 supported competition formats and multiple stages management
  • advanced match formats and extensive selection of tiebreakers
  • data ownership and RGPD compliance
  • tournament check-in and match reporting by participants
  • etc.

The Pro Plan is available for 79€ ($89) per month, or 49€ ($59) per month on a yearly base. The Pro plan applies to all tournaments of the same project. Give it a try or contact us for more information.