[Organizers] All the available Placement methods

Since our last article on Placement methods and options, Toornament has refined its available options and here’s a complete guide to the placement methods.



Placement is the way each phase of a tournament is linked to each, how the participants move from one to another.

Generic methods :

  • “Random” : as the name states, participants are randomly placed into a phase, regardless of their seed.
  • “Manual” : you choose to place your participants the way you prefer. Note that you can combine Random and Manual placement methods.

Specific method :

Those methods follow a specific set of logic and rules

  • “Participant Number” : only available for a first phase, as the participants are placed following their initial seed number.
  • “Previous stage” : only available from a previous phase. The only logic is that the results from the previous phase build the seeding for the following one. The played matches doesn’t weigh on the placement.
  • “Bracket Optimized” : only available following “Groups”, or “Bracket Groups” phases. This method adds a new rule : qualified participants from a group are placed in the bracket so that they’ll meet again at the latest stage possible. This method aims for a better variety in matchups.