[Organizers] Get your customized  Toornament page

Our platform is getting quite famous for its embeddable widget, so we wanted to give your even more sharing option. This one is like a standalone widget !

“Custom Page” comes in very handy when you don’t have a dedicated website, or your own website is down for a reason. Setting up a Custom Page is matter of seconds and will generate a webpage with an unique, persistant URL and some customization options.

In your dashboard, go to your the “Share” menu and select “Custom Page”. From here, you can choose :

– Which information your widget will display by default.
“Navigator” is like a homepage
“Information” will display the tournament basic infos
“Schedule” for the next matches to be played
“Participants” to get an exhaustive list of the competitors
“Bracket” to get right into the action

– The background color can be picked through a color picker or html color codes.

– A background image.
Our tip : as our widget is center aligned, you can design a fitting picture, to display a frame aournd and your sponsors below for example.


There, you have it : an independant, standalone webpage for your tournament !

[Organizers] How to run larger than 256 participants tournaments

Toornament max participants number currently tops at 256 players.

The main reasons behind this choice are to prevent a huge, unreadable structure with a visual footprint spanning over several web pages high and wide. For example, here how looks a 128 player single elimination bracket :


Check the full resolution here.

Finally down there? You just scrolled through HALF of a 256 players simple bracket! It already is massive, and we didn’t even pick a double elimination structure!
But if you run a large scale tournament, there are still way to build them on Toornament, with a quite simple method : divide into sub tournaments.

Each one acts as a branch of the main tournament.

Let’s take for example a 1024 players Street Fighter IV tournament. You can split it into four 256 players tournaments where the top 32 players are qualified. You can even run these pre bracket to their finals, to get seedings in the final bracket.

In your Toornament dashboard, just create 4 tournaments named “My huge Street Fighter IV Cup – Sub Tournament A”, all the way to the letter D.

The top 32 players from each 4 sub-tournaments will qualify and thus, build a final 128 players bracket.

Here how the method looks :


This method is as straighforward as flexible, allowing you to handle huge tournaments and leagues with a better organisation. Of course, keep in mind that large tournaments are timing nightmares, so always keep in mind if you’ve checked all the boxes to handle them, from time to admins and gaming stations!