Use Case: PSG Esports International ’18 Coverage Page

The PSG.LGD team came to us with a simple, yet challenging task: they needed a way to feature their sponsors during the International 2018.
We offered to create for them a One-Page to gather all relevant information about the team and their performance in the tournament, all while showcasing their sponsors.

The PSG.LGD TI2018 Coverage Page was made possible thanks to our coverage of the competition and the Toornament API, which allowed for the full automation of the page to avoid mistakes and delays:


If you are interested in talking to us about getting one of your own

Follow the International 2014 Dota 2 Championships

The International 2014 just started on July 8th in Seattle. This tournament is splitted into two parts: the Playoffs which contain three stages and the Main Event which will be held from July 18th to July 21st, in Seattle at the KeyArena Stadium.

Toornament will provide five widgets in order to revive all results of the Playoffs.

All results of the Main Event will be reported in live on the associated widget.

All widgets will contain the associated streaming channels, the Vods and the match details. They can be shared and embedded easily with the <iframe> code.