[Organizers] How to run a Clash Royale tournament: the Step by Step Guide

The launch of Clash Royale and its competitive design lead to a lot of new organizers on our platform.

First and foremost: welcome! We’re thrilled to have you onboard the most powerful eSport platform in the industry and we’ll help you make great Clash Royale tournaments. Now if you’re running your first competition on Toornament, watch our short video tutorial:

You can also follow this step by step guide!

1. Provide all the information

Participants are always in need of information: what’s the schedule, are there special rules, some prize, can I get my opponent ID? And above all, what are the name of the Clan specifically created for the tournament and the name of the Tournament to be found on Toornament?

Toornament offers plenty of room and custom fields for you to make these information easy to find.

2. Open and validate registrations

Now that you’ve created a tournament, open its registrations so that participants can apply and validate them. A confirmation will be sent and we’re all set.

3. Place your participants

Toornament can place automatically your participants, following two methods: participant number, or random. Participant number is great if you want to dispatch the top seeds (participants with the highest trophy count or level).

Ultimately, you can manually place every participant of your tournament. Learn more on how the Placement works

4. Report and share results


You, your admins and the participants can then report all the results and scores in real time. Your participants can then check all the activity and reports using our free mobile app, or checking our sharable widgets.

In the next updates to come, we’ll allow the participants to report match results themselves straight from our mobile app and get notification for their next match!

5. Master the basics first, experiment then

You now know everything you need to run your first Clash Royale tournaments. Later on, we’ll invite you to check and experiments all our advanced features

And don’t forget to check our 4 essential tips to run a great Clash Royale tournament!

[Organizers] How to make great tournaments for Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most exciting games in mobile history and we strongly believe it will become a top tier esport.

That is why we have been supporting the latest Supercell creation since its launch and providing organizers with all the tools and tips to run a successful Clash Royale tournament using Toornament.com!


1. Pick your structure

Launching an on-the-fly tournament with the first players to answer the call? Running a league with your best friends and colleagues? You can create the tournament you want thanks to our free structure system.

2. Manage everything from your mobile

Talking about mobile, the Toornament organizer dashboard is also 100% responsive and thus, fully manageable from a mobile browser. Play, spectacte and manage from the same mobile device!

3. Help your participants help you

Having active and up-to-date participants is every organizer life-saver. They can report their match results themselves to speed things up. Plus, our free mobile app brings all the information your participants need to be ready for their next match.

4. The “Toornament Elixir Advantage”

Toornament is the most powerful esport platform. You’ll find plenty of advanced options and tools to run pro-grade competitions: API, custom fields… All for free!

Want to know more? Check out our Step-by-step Guide to run a successful tournament.

Toornament sponsors the first Biz-Esports Summit

We’re super excited to be the Gold Sponsor of the first Biz-Esports Summit!


Held over two days in Los Angeles, the Biz-Esports Summit gathers a unique concentation of leading Esport professionals from

  • Activision Blizzard
  • Twitch
  • Amazon
  • ESL
  • Faceit
  • Razer
  • Azubu
  • Newzoo
  • Superdata

And top tier organizations such as

  • Fnatic
  • Cloud 9
  • Team Liquid 
  • Immortals 
  • Counter Logic Gaming

And much more!

Our CEO Matthieu and Marketing Director Michael will be there to give a speech and do some networking.


Two Esports veterans – and friends: ESL’s Carmac and our CEO Matthieu Dallon

Feel free to come say hi and have a talk between two panels!

[Organizers] Make great Overwatch tournaments with Toornament

With the great success of Overwatch, we decided to share some easy and essential tips to run a great Overwatch Tournament.


Here are the 4 rules of thumb to make a great Overwatch Tournament:

1. Set the rules

Overwatch boasts a vast array of maps and custom settings. Remind your participants the ones you picked through the tournament’s description/rules and custom fields.

2. Pick the right format

With short matches but numerous players, Overwatch requires the right structure and the right amount of manageable matches. You can create stages at will, and have your tournament follow the exact format you have in mind!

3. Share the love

Players, admins, spectators, media… So many people constantly asking what’s up, what happened, what’s next. Keep them up to date in real time with our Widgets, Toornament TV and Mobile App.

4. Get support from your participants

Managing multiple matches can prove overwhelming sometimes… With our new Participant match report, let the player handle their match report themselves and save (pay)loads of time…

With these tips in mind, you can dive into the game and run great competitions the best way possible. And wait until you discover all our advanced features and tools… Happy fragging!

eSports digest, week 20

Want to keep up-to-date with the fast moving eSports industry? Here’s your weekly digest of trends, facts and results.



The hero eSports deserves, but not the one it needs right now

The latest attempt to an eSport Federation, the WESA, is being panned by the community and the media alike. While some members have come to its defense, others are already rumored to abandon ship. Ruling the world is no easy task.

eSport is just like Sport


Ah, the Twitch Chat. The infamous flood of lolz and memes can also show its worst side at times. That’s what we all saw and read during the Dreamhack, where each Hearthstone player TerrenceM appearance on stream unleashed a smelly wave of racist jokes and insults. Blizzard and Twitch want to change that. Seeing how traditional sports struggle to silent their most racist fans, we wonder how they’ll prevail. Silence spell card, anyone?

It’s in the game


Popular sports club are diving into eSports. This week, UC Sampdoria (Italia) and West Ham United (UK) signed their first FIFA player. Popular German club Shalke 04 went a step further and bought Element’s LCS spot and some of its players. Big move.

Faker faked its slump


Let’s remix Gary Lineker famous football quote: “LoL is a simple game. 10 gamers run after each other with spells and at the end, Koreans always win.” That’s what everybody thought while SK Telecom took home yet another trophy, the Mid-Season Invitational. And to think the team was said to be in slump for the past few months…

An epidemic of non-endemic


The much awaited ELeague from Turner is about to start in a few days. We know the teams (pretty much all the top CS:GO teams) but what about the title sponsors? Here they are :
Arby’s, Credit Karma and Buffalo Wild Wings. Anything special? None of them is related to gaming, which is a great sign of eSports entering the mainstream market.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems?


To the excitement of its 12 million active players, Valve released its Compendium for The International 6, included in a seasonal Battle Pass. Loaded with even more bonuses and eye candy than last year, it is poised to push the money prize to new heights – we’re talking 25 to 30M$ range. But we also hope the publisher will deliver on its promises, as huge delays on rewards delivery plagued the fan experience last year. And again: this year’s Compendium is way more generous than its predecessor.