Toornament powers the ESWC

We’re especially happy to power all the ESWC tournaments for the third year in a row!

The 13 years old Esport Convention grows even larger and takes place in the dedicated-to-Esports Hall 3 at Paris Games Week from Oct. 27th to Nov. 1st.

Check out the exciting program of what’s to come:

Clash Royale

The largest Clash Royale tournament in history pits thousands of gamers in online qualifiers before the Finals in Paris, where the best will fight for a sweet, sweet 10,000$ money prize. That’s a lot of gems!

This is the final bracket. You can follow the 4 groups here:

Counter Strike: GO

Meet the rising teams and promising challengers coming to prove themselves on the Grand Stage of ESWC. To spice up things, veterans teams and seasoned fraggers will join the fray!


Counter Strike: GO Women

The most prestigious women tournament gathers 10 of the best teams in the world for a showdown of skills and tactics



Can someone beat August “Agge” Rosenmeier? The double world champion just signed with PSG Esports and look to keep his crown this year again.


Just Dance

Born at ESWC, the Just Dance competitive scene is back and holds in French Finals at PGW, highlighting one of the most skilled scene in the world!

[Organizers] How to place your participants when some don’t show up?

You know the golden rule for a tournament organizer: s**t happens and sometimes, some of your participants can’t show up for some reason.

This may lead to some tricky situations where there are too many seeds for the available slots. How do you deal with this issue?

Let’s see with this case: My 16 slots tournament is full with registrations and ready to start. But at the last minute, 4 teams can’t make it: “Payload Warriors”, “Soul D.Va”, “Sacrilege” and “Apac Apex” won’t show up .


How to deal with this in terms of placement and seeding? The goal here is to re-generate your tournament’s structure with all the other participants.

Here’s our easy method:

1. Re-seed

The first thing to do is to move the no-show teams to the lowest seedings.


In your Participants’ tab, go to “Edit All” and attribute the lowest seeds to the no-show teams.


Then, give their seeds to the other teams.

At the end of your switch, all the present teams will be seeded from #1 to #12, while the no-show teams will be seeded from #13 to #16.

2. Re-generate

Now, go in your structure tab and choose “Change”. You can now repick a structure.


Change the tournament size from 16 to 12. Generate the structure.

3. Re-place

In your Placement Tab, a warning message will pop on top of the screen, reminding you that there are more participants (16) than available slots (12).


Don’t mind and place your participants 🙂

You’re done! A green message will confirm your placement.


The 16 registered teams are still there, but the tournament has only seeded the 12 first and you competition can start. We’ll streamline this process in a later update!

Use case: Vainglory competitions

Powering all the official Vainglory tournaments since the game’s launch is something we’re very proud of. We first worked with Super Evil Megacorp before they partnered with Twitch to handle their Esports efforts, still using our platform.


For this new Use Case, we asked Ryan Chaply, Twitch Esports Manager for the official Vainglory League, the Evil Eight and the Challenger Series how he and his team handles all the Vainglory competitions with Toornament.

Ryan: “We utilize quite a few features of Toornament across the board, both for the community challengers (VIS/VGL) as well as our main weekend league.


How do you manage multiple competitions and keep everyone up to date?

Ryan: “When it comes to the community challengers, this season we are running 64 team double elimination brackets and were able to quickly update the brackets once all of the registrations were complete with some of the import functions. Additionally the organizations are able to set and define match times so players can see when in each region they are playing.”

“For Evil Eight, we include the brackets for events every week in links on our stream so viewers can check out the points teams are earning as we progress through the season.

Our API is also used by Ryan and his team to add real-time information to their website.

Ryan: “When it comes to redesigning the website, we’re utilizing the toornament APIs to make upcoming matches visible on the homepage so viewers can see a schedule of what is coming up next.


What’s on Ryan’s wishlist? Cloning.

It would be really nice to be able to clone a tournament settings – since we run weekly we often have a lot of tournaments we are creating.

We’ll make Ryan happy, as this feature is definitely on our bucket list!