Find all live results of the Gamers Assembly

From 19th of April to 21st of April, the Gamers Assembly, the biggest French LAN will gather 1200 players on 15 tournaments.
You can follow all live results by consulting our Toornament widgets:


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Follow and share the Copenhagen Games 2014 results

Today, the 17th of April, begins the Copenhagen Games 2014 LAN in Denmark. You can follow all live results of this international event by consulting our tournament widgets:

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New update: Associate videos to your matches

Toornament already allows you to associate streams to your tournaments and matches. The new update, released today, adds the possibility to associate VOD for every matches of your tournament.

To achieve this, go to your dashboard, select one of your tournaments. Then choose a match in the Matches section and click on the VOD tab. You are now able to fill all the videos for this match. The widget’s match page will display a new VOD section with the videos.

If the video service provider is Youtube, Twitch or Dailymotion, it will display the video’s image preview. Discover the VOD functionality in the 2014 Global Starcraft II League Code S – Season 1 tournament widget:

This update also provides you two notes fields that you can edit in the match form: private notes which are only visible in the dashboard’s match page, and public notes which are displayed in the dashboard’s and widget’s match page. The public notes came from a feedback of the Copenhagen Games organizers. They are very helpful to provide match information to the participants.

Try this update, and share your feedback with us!

NEW UPDATE: Bracket groups, permissions and responsive design

We are pleased to release the biggest update since the launch of Toornament. This update adds a new tournament stage format: Bracket Groups, a new feature to attribute permissions on your tournaments, and some big improvements to use Toornament on your tablet or mobile.

Bracket groups

We developed the Bracket Groups stage format in order to let you run dual format, GSL or EVO like tournaments. In a Bracket Group stage, you can define your number of groups; the number of qualified per group like in a traditional round robin group stage; and the bracket type which can be single elimination or double elimination. Toornament will use these parameters to generate your stage:

  • A Bracket Groups stage with 32 participants, 8 groups, 2 qualified/group and a “double elimination” bracket type will generate 8 “double elimination” brackets of 4 participants. Each bracket will have no grand final because only the top 2 is qualified. (GSL/Dual format type)
  • A Bracket Groups stage with 128 participants, 8 groups, 4 qualified/group and a “single elimination” bracket type will generate 8 “single elimination” brackets of 16 participants. Each bracket will only have 1/8 finals and quarter-finals because only the top 4 is qualified.

Browse the 2014 Global Starcraft II League Code S – Season 1 tournament widget to see it in action:

You are now able to create tournaments with the following structures with Bracket Groups:

  • Bracket Groups + Single elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Double elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Bracket Groups + Single elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Bracket Groups + Double elimination


You can now attribute permissions to your tournaments. For example to give rights to your referees to report results on a specific tournament. We created 5 different permissions:

  • Administrate the tournament : Edit the tournament’s settings, manage the structure
  • Manage the participants : Import and edit participants
  • Place the participants
  • Report the results : List and edit matches
  • Change the permissions

Responsive design

We did a lot of improvements on the Toornament dashboard design in order to provide an optimal viewing experience on tablet and mobile. You are now able to manage your tournament easily through a tablet.


We extended the games managed by Toornament with:

  • CS 1.6
  • CS Source
  • COD 4
  • Battlefield 3
  • Gears of War 3
  • Mario Kart

Try all of these new features and share your feedback with us!


The best Call of Duty teams from around the world will compete for the Call of Duty “World Champions” title and $1 million purse this March 28-30, in Los Angeles.

Get all groups and bracket’s results on your site using the Toornament widget. It’s so easy to embed, copy and paste 1 line of HTML code. All widgets and custom codes are available here:

New update: Dashboard navigation redesign

We released a new update for Toornament. This update is focused on the Online Dashboard. We redesigned the navigation, and improved the structure section.

First, we appended a second level on the left side navigation; making it faster to select a stage. Secondly, we moved the action buttons and the dropdown section menu to the right top corner. If you want to configure a stage, close a group, the action buttons are now in this corner. The dropdown menu allows you to select a specific part of your tournament: a group, a round, or the loser bracket of your double elimination stage… Finally, the page’s title is now a clickable breadcrumb.


The structure section has now a comprehensive overview. This page provides you a snapshot of your tournament‘s structure. Each part of your structure is configurable; change the name, specify a match format…


Required by our user Mads, Age of Empires 2 joins the games managed by Toornament.

Try this update, and share your feedback with us!

[Organizers] How to associate streams to your tournament

Toornament allows you to associate streams to your Toornament.

First of all, you have to indicate all your streaming channels. In your dashboard, select a tournament and access to the Settings section. Then, select the stream tab where you will be able to fill the streaming channels.

Toornament goes deeper by allowing you to associate the streaming channels to each match of your tournament. Select a match in the Matches section and then, click on the stream button in the top-right corner. You are now able to select specifically the streaming channels which will broadcast this match.

New update: Double Elimination available

We released a new update for Toornament. This update adds an expected tournament structure: Double Elimination.

If you are not aware of this structure, Wikipedia gives the definition:

A double-elimination tournament is a type of elimination tournament competition in which a participant ceases to be eligible to win the tournament’s championship upon having lost two games or matches. It stands in contrast to a single-elimination tournament, in which only one defeat results in elimination. A double-elimination tournament breaks the competitors into two sets of brackets, the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket.

Browse the Dota2 Star Ladder Star Series Season 8: Finals tournament widget to see it in action:

We also added the possibility to create a tournament with two group stages then a bracket. You are now able to create tournaments with the following structures:

  • Single elimination
  • Groups + Single elimination
  • Groups + Groups + Single elimination
  • Double elimination
  • Groups + Double elimination
  • Groups + Groups + Double elimination

This update also adds an import feature for your participants. You can now add all of your participants at once, by copying your participants list.

We extended the games managed by Toornament with:

  • Titanfall
  • World of Tanks
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Street Fighter IV
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • Minecraft
  • Guild Wars 2
  • Dofus

Try all of these new features and share your feedback with us!

Games implementation

Each video game has its own characteristics and rules when it is used for a tournament. Toornament addresses this issue as each game is developed and added independently of another. Games can have their own settings to enter regarding a match, round, score and even participant.

As an example, on Duel of Champions, Toornament allows organizer to select the “Faction” and “Heroes” used for a match by each player.

The adaptation possibilities of Toornament doesn’t concern only the information sized by the organizer, but also how it is presented publicly.  Starcraft 2 illustrates this possibility as organizer can enter for each participant the race used during a tournament. Then the race is displayed in tournament embed like below for the WCS Global Finals 2013 bracket.

We will continue to add new games according to communities need and feedback.

[Organizers] How placement works

Seeding and Placement is made from a single interface where you can add participants into the phase (because all participants don’t have to start in the first stage of a tournament, or play all stages) with a multi-selection modal window. A seed is then attributed to them depending on the order you picked them.


Selection modal

Note that the modal will see a new Outgoing Participants filter appear in the case of a multi-stages tournament, allowing to only see participants coming out of another phase, in ranking order, to simulate continuity between phases and ease up the process of selecting participants one stage after the other.

Once you’re filled in the seeds and added participants to the stage, you can manually modify the seeds, and it will naturally modify their placement in the structure accordingly, either in the list on the left, or directly inside the preview on the right side of the screen:


Placement interface

You can also lock some of the participants in their attributed seeds. This serves one major purpose: locked seeds won’t change if you randomize the participants into the stage, meaning you can have seeds stay in place while you randomly add participants into the stage. Furthermore, re-generating a stage (by changing its size for example) does not alter the seeds, meaning all seeded participants will keep their seeds, and locked ones will remain locked.


Locked participants

This interface is a preview, meaning you can edit things, try and test things out, but ultimately, nothing changes until you save.


With this new system, it is still possible to manually place each and every participant, either all at once before starting your tournament, or step by step, even after the stage matches have started (but a participant with a result in one of its matches will become locked).

To change the distribution of seeds within a stage (for example, if you want to have a “Seed optimized (Snake)” distribution in your Round-Robin Groups), you have to change the Group Composition in the Structure Advanced Settings, and choose from one of the options available there: