Our mobile app is coming

After weeks of work our mobile app will be available for free on iOS and Android by the end of March.


Aptly named “Toornament”, our mobile app is aimed toward your competitors as a companion app. Our mobile app will help you manage your competitors in a much easier, smoother, more efficient way.

Here are its main features :

  • Displays all the infos, as our widgets : scores, results, schedules, stats etc.
  • Organizers can publish notes (i.e change of schedule) which will be pushed to the app
  • Once the app is loaded, informations remain available even offline
  • Live notifications your competitors receive when they have an incoming match
  • Sharing options
  • Authentification
  • Bookmarking for the toornaments you follow


The first version, out by the end of March, will be about displaying informations. We’ll add more features over the next weeks and iterations.

Hope you’ll like it !

Get DOTA 2 advanced statistics on Toornament

DOTA lovers, rejoice : starting today, we’re proud to announce that Toornament now support rich informations and statistics for each matches !


Picks, Bans, Kill / Death / Assists, inventory and levels are all there, to provide your audience with more datas. Combined with stream and V.O.D links for each match, our widgets are now the place to go to follow any DOTA 2 tournament.

How does it work ? You just have to enter a match ID (available in your DOTA 2 main menu)

So, here’s our famous widget everybody loves. Just click on a match details and…

… Here’s our widget boasting advanced DOTA 2 informations everybody’s gonna love even more !

This week is the perfect time to show you this feature : the DOTA 2 Asia Championship, entering its final phase from today to Sunday, is our featured tournament of the week. We can’t wait for you to enjoy it and then, try it for yourself.

Happy first blood !

New features : “Check In” and “Export”

We’re pleased to announce two new features on Toornament : “Check In” and “Export”, designed to make your life easier !



“Check In” feature is now available for Toornament, with a focus on tournament admins. Our feedback and own experience as organizers highlighted the need to keep all the check ins process in the admin’s hands, especially on LAN events.

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So our Check In feature is admin centralised, allowing you to suppress all unchecked participants, for example.

“Check In” feature is now available for everyone, you just need to activate it. We will make the “players’ Check In” available soon after.



Export two types of lists : registered and participating. You can filter your exported list, with criterias such as confirmed/unconfirmed participation.

Toornament will generate a .csv file which can be opened in any sheet software such as Excel. Each list contains rich datas, such as email, ID, status, country etc.

Participants’ list will come particularly handy if you need to email all your participants, for example.

Introducing Toornament TV

After weeks of development and testing, we’re very proud to introduce Toornament TV!

Toornament TV was tailor made for offline tournaments involving multiple spots (gaming zone, stages…) and public audience.

Offline events involves a lot of stress on schedules and location, each multiplying the other. How to keep you players informed about their upcoming matches ? Your attending audience up to date with the tournaments advancement, the next big match on the big stage ? The answer : a lot of efforts, a lot of staff and a lot of stress. Our answer : Toornament TV.

Tournament TV is a smart, automated public display solution, designed with this key goals in mind :

  • Better understanding of the tournament(s) advancement
  • Dresses up your event with live content : photos, info strips, scores
  • Keeps the visitor informed, entertained and starving for more

How does Toornament TV works ? Well, it can’t get easier than this : the whole system is automated. We’ve designed a smart behaving, setting a wide and relevant set of rules, so that Toornament TV makes the right decisions and displays the right infos at the right time.
The added value is huge : for no extra time or no extra people in your team, your event gets much easier to understand and follow. And much prettier, too !

Here’s a typical use of Toornament TV :

You’re running a mid to large size LAN, with a main stage, a gaming zone and a partner zone
Each spot will attract your participants along with your audience
Main stage needs to show what are the next matches, Gaming Zone needs to show Tournaments advancement and your partners want well, to be visible on your events !
Each spot thus require a dedicated information desk, computer and admin to run it, plus 1-2 additionnal displays
Toornament TV can automatically handle all the informations / display tasks, freeing 3 additionnal admins on your team. Just start it from your Toornament admin options.

Toornament TV requirements are quite simple and straight forward :

– A PC with GPU dedicated per TV (one computer can run several displays with the same info)
– A modern web browser
– A Full HD (1920×1080) display
– A click in your Toornament page

Toornament TV embeds a live info strip, based on a Twitter feed and hashtag. Toornament TV is also customisable through its main elements :

  • Background picture
  • Main layout picture
  • Border color (CSS)
  • Text color


You can check it Live on this page and learn more by reading The Toornament TV User Guide (pdf).

New update: registrations and statistics

We released a new update for Toornament that brings two important features: participants registrations and view statistics.

Participants Registrations

Toornament now allows you to manage the participants registrations. In your tournament settings, a new section allows you to enable or disable registrations and configure several options such as opening/closing dates and messages.

Once the registrations are enabled, a new dedicated registration page is available on Toornament and allows players to register for your tournament. Your widget also features a registration link that redirects to the dedicated page. We tried to keep it as simple as possible so players don’t need to create a Toornament account, they only need to enter their email and confirm it.

In your online dashboard, you will see a new registration section. All of your registration requests are listed here with the ability to accept or refuse them. Once a registration is accepted, it becomes a participant in your tournament. With this update we also added more flexibility to the participants management. You can now easily create and remove participants without touching to the structure or changing the size of the tournament.

During the registration, teams must also provide their lineup. The minimum and maximum number of players for a team may be configured in your tournament settings.

This is the first step of our registration feature. Take the time to test it and fill free to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is really valuable to optimize this functionality and go further.

View statistics

Are you curious about how many users view your tournament widget? We added the statistics of your tournament widget in your online dashboard. You will be aware of the numbers of users, sessions and views of your tournament through his widget. We also provide the 5 best referrers. We hope it will give your more insights about your tournament and help you increase his popularity.

Try this update, and again share your feedback with us!

New update: pairing methods, custom page and admin improvements

We released a new update for Toornament that adds two new structure options and a custom public page for your tournaments. We also made some improvements to the dashboard.

Pairing methods in a group stage

The first new structure option allows you to configure a group stage with a pairing method. You can choose either round robin (default value) or double round robin. In a standard round robin stage, each participant plays every other participants once. In a double round robin, each participant plays all others twice, once at home and once away.

Sometimes you want to do something more complex than just round robin or double round robin. It’s the case of the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1: featuring 12 teams in a league split in 3 divisions. All the teams will play each other once, and within a division the teams will play each other one additional time. With our new update you can configure specifically the pairing of a group and describe in detail each match pairing, allowing you to create a tournament like this one.

Browse the ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1 tournament widget to see it in action:

Skip 1st round in a double elimination

The second structure option allows you to skip the first round of a double elimination bracket. This stage will directly start with participants split between the winner bracket and the loser bracket.

Custom public page and dashboard improvements

You can now create a custom public page for your tournaments to share them easily and directly without embedding the widget. You can find this page in the share section of the dashboard. You can customize this page by specifying a color and a background image.

We continue to improve the dashboard. We reworked the participants section: it will be now faster to edit all your participants.


We also extended the games managed by Toornament with:

  • BlazBlue : Chrono Phantasma
  • Dawngate
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
  • Soulcalibur V
  • Street Fighter 2
  • Street Fighter 3
  • The King Of Fighters XIII
  • Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3

Try this update, and share your feedback with us!

New update: Associate videos to your matches

Toornament already allows you to associate streams to your tournaments and matches. The new update, released today, adds the possibility to associate VOD for every matches of your tournament.

To achieve this, go to your dashboard, select one of your tournaments. Then choose a match in the Matches section and click on the VOD tab. You are now able to fill all the videos for this match. The widget’s match page will display a new VOD section with the videos.

If the video service provider is Youtube, Twitch or Dailymotion, it will display the video’s image preview. Discover the VOD functionality in the 2014 Global Starcraft II League Code S – Season 1 tournament widget:

This update also provides you two notes fields that you can edit in the match form: private notes which are only visible in the dashboard’s match page, and public notes which are displayed in the dashboard’s and widget’s match page. The public notes came from a feedback of the Copenhagen Games organizers. They are very helpful to provide match information to the participants.

Try this update, and share your feedback with us!

NEW UPDATE: Bracket groups, permissions and responsive design

We are pleased to release the biggest update since the launch of Toornament. This update adds a new tournament stage format: Bracket Groups, a new feature to attribute permissions on your tournaments, and some big improvements to use Toornament on your tablet or mobile.

Bracket groups

We developed the Bracket Groups stage format in order to let you run dual format, GSL or EVO like tournaments. In a Bracket Group stage, you can define your number of groups; the number of qualified per group like in a traditional round robin group stage; and the bracket type which can be single elimination or double elimination. Toornament will use these parameters to generate your stage:

  • A Bracket Groups stage with 32 participants, 8 groups, 2 qualified/group and a “double elimination” bracket type will generate 8 “double elimination” brackets of 4 participants. Each bracket will have no grand final because only the top 2 is qualified. (GSL/Dual format type)
  • A Bracket Groups stage with 128 participants, 8 groups, 4 qualified/group and a “single elimination” bracket type will generate 8 “single elimination” brackets of 16 participants. Each bracket will only have 1/8 finals and quarter-finals because only the top 4 is qualified.

Browse the 2014 Global Starcraft II League Code S – Season 1 tournament widget to see it in action:

You are now able to create tournaments with the following structures with Bracket Groups:

  • Bracket Groups + Single elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Double elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Bracket Groups + Single elimination
  • Bracket Groups + Bracket Groups + Double elimination


You can now attribute permissions to your tournaments. For example to give rights to your referees to report results on a specific tournament. We created 5 different permissions:

  • Administrate the tournament : Edit the tournament’s settings, manage the structure
  • Manage the participants : Import and edit participants
  • Place the participants
  • Report the results : List and edit matches
  • Change the permissions

Responsive design

We did a lot of improvements on the Toornament dashboard design in order to provide an optimal viewing experience on tablet and mobile. You are now able to manage your tournament easily through a tablet.


We extended the games managed by Toornament with:

  • CS 1.6
  • CS Source
  • COD 4
  • Battlefield 3
  • Gears of War 3
  • Mario Kart

Try all of these new features and share your feedback with us!

New update: Dashboard navigation redesign

We released a new update for Toornament. This update is focused on the Online Dashboard. We redesigned the navigation, and improved the structure section.

First, we appended a second level on the left side navigation; making it faster to select a stage. Secondly, we moved the action buttons and the dropdown section menu to the right top corner. If you want to configure a stage, close a group, the action buttons are now in this corner. The dropdown menu allows you to select a specific part of your tournament: a group, a round, or the loser bracket of your double elimination stage… Finally, the page’s title is now a clickable breadcrumb.


The structure section has now a comprehensive overview. This page provides you a snapshot of your tournament‘s structure. Each part of your structure is configurable; change the name, specify a match format…


Required by our user Mads, Age of Empires 2 joins the games managed by Toornament.

Try this update, and share your feedback with us!