You can now duplicate your tournaments!

After having received your feedback, and thinking about the best way of handling the matter, we are happy to announce that you are now able to easily duplicate one of your tournaments!
The process is easy as pie, as all you have to do is get to the “Danger Zone” of the tournament you want to duplicate, in the “Settings” menu, and click on “Duplicate:

You will then be prompted with a menu asking you to select which features of your current tournament you wish to duplicate into the next one, and give your new tournament a new name:

Choices are obvious, and once you validate, you will automatically move to your newly-created tournament!
We want to thank all the organizers that gave us their feedback about this, and please note that we plan on adding the Structures to the list of things to be copied over, but that requires a lot more work, and we wanted to give you access to the feature as soon as possible, so we will keep working on it!