Esports Players and fans are coming to Paris this week

From Oct. 28th to Nov. 2nd, the prestigious Electronic Sports World Cup is back in Paris for its 11th edition, with $150,000 prizes and thousands of Esports fans cheering for the top players and teams from 35 different countries. Six popular disciplines are played this year :

  • « Counter Strike : Global Offensive »
  • « Counter Strike : Global Offensive » Women
  • « Call of Duty : Ghost »
  • « Trackmania 2 Stadium »
  • « Shootmania Storm Elite »
  • « FIFA 15 »
  • « Just Dance »

As the ESWC fully uses Tournament as its managing software, you can find full coverage of the tournaments advancements and streams :

« Call of Duty : Ghost »

« Counter Strike : Global Offensive »

« Counter Strike : Global Offensive » Women

« Shootmania Storm Elite »

« FIFA 15 »

« Just Dance »

New update: registrations and statistics

We released a new update for Toornament that brings two important features: participants registrations and view statistics.

Participants Registrations

Toornament now allows you to manage the participants registrations. In your tournament settings, a new section allows you to enable or disable registrations and configure several options such as opening/closing dates and messages.

Once the registrations are enabled, a new dedicated registration page is available on Toornament and allows players to register for your tournament. Your widget also features a registration link that redirects to the dedicated page. We tried to keep it as simple as possible so players don’t need to create a Toornament account, they only need to enter their email and confirm it.

In your online dashboard, you will see a new registration section. All of your registration requests are listed here with the ability to accept or refuse them. Once a registration is accepted, it becomes a participant in your tournament. With this update we also added more flexibility to the participants management. You can now easily create and remove participants without touching to the structure or changing the size of the tournament.

During the registration, teams must also provide their lineup. The minimum and maximum number of players for a team may be configured in your tournament settings.

This is the first step of our registration feature. Take the time to test it and fill free to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is really valuable to optimize this functionality and go further.

View statistics

Are you curious about how many users view your tournament widget? We added the statistics of your tournament widget in your online dashboard. You will be aware of the numbers of users, sessions and views of your tournament through his widget. We also provide the 5 best referrers. We hope it will give your more insights about your tournament and help you increase his popularity.

Try this update, and again share your feedback with us!

[Organizers] How to define your match format

With Toornament, you can easily report the match result. Moreover, you can also report all games results of a match once you have defined the match format.
The match format refers to the number of games a competitor must win over another competitor in order to win the series.
When a competitor manages to win the majority of the games, then, the remaining games can be discarded.

Road to ESWC 2014

The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition that starts locally with national qualifying rounds and culminates in a World Final designed as a live show. ESWC 2014 Finals will be organized within the Paris Games Week, from October 29th to November 2nd.

The ESWC 2014 will host tournaments on Counter-Strike Global Offensive (mixed and female tournaments), Call of Duty Ghosts, Fifa and Just Dance.

The qualifiers begin today worldwide with three events. The Loto-Québec World Games Event and ESWC, in collaboration with CyberActiv, team up to organize the ESWC North American Qualifiers featuring Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty Ghosts and Just Dance:

ACL Pro organizes also this week-end a Fifa qualifier in Australia:

And today begins the Japan Counter-Strike Global Offensive Gamers League where the best Japan team will be qualified for ESWC 2014.

Like all Toornament’s widgets, you can share and embed them on your website. It’s easy to embed: just copy and paste one line of HTML code, which you can find in each widget (the third top right icon).

Follow the International 2014 Dota 2 Championships

The International 2014 just started on July 8th in Seattle. This tournament is splitted into two parts: the Playoffs which contain three stages and the Main Event which will be held from July 18th to July 21st, in Seattle at the KeyArena Stadium.

Toornament will provide five widgets in order to revive all results of the Playoffs.

All results of the Main Event will be reported in live on the associated widget.

All widgets will contain the associated streaming channels, the Vods and the match details. They can be shared and embedded easily with the <iframe> code.