Use case: Vainglory competitions

Powering all the official Vainglory tournaments since the game’s launch is something we’re very proud of. We first worked with Super Evil Megacorp before they partnered with Twitch to handle their Esports efforts, still using our platform.


For this new Use Case, we asked Ryan Chaply, Twitch Esports Manager for the official Vainglory League, the Evil Eight and the Challenger Series how he and his team handles all the Vainglory competitions with Toornament.

Ryan: “We utilize quite a few features of Toornament across the board, both for the community challengers (VIS/VGL) as well as our main weekend league.


How do you manage multiple competitions and keep everyone up to date?

Ryan: “When it comes to the community challengers, this season we are running 64 team double elimination brackets and were able to quickly update the brackets once all of the registrations were complete with some of the import functions. Additionally the organizations are able to set and define match times so players can see when in each region they are playing.”

“For Evil Eight, we include the brackets for events every week in links on our stream so viewers can check out the points teams are earning as we progress through the season.

Our API is also used by Ryan and his team to add real-time information to their website.

Ryan: “When it comes to redesigning the website, we’re utilizing the toornament APIs to make upcoming matches visible on the homepage so viewers can see a schedule of what is coming up next.


What’s on Ryan’s wishlist? Cloning.

It would be really nice to be able to clone a tournament settings – since we run weekly we often have a lot of tournaments we are creating.

We’ll make Ryan happy, as this feature is definitely on our bucket list!

[Organizers] How to read the match nomenclature?

In order to help you organizers identify any given match easily, we’ve adopted an easy to use and memorize string made of four numbers.

You can see it on every match on Toornament:


The string of numbers simply describes each step of the tournament, from the larger to the smaller.

“Stage > Group > Round > Match”

  • Stage is the phase of the tournament. For example, a “groupstage to playoffs” structure means there are two stages: Groups (1), then Playoffs (2)
  • Group designates the group in which the match in being played.
  • Round is the series of matches inside a group. In a group of 4 where each participants play their 3 other opponents once, there are 3 rounds.
  • Each round holds a certain number of matches to be completed.

This means that a match labelled “″ will be in Stage 1, Group 3, Round 2, Match 5. This will help you “locate” a match in a snap. Worth noting!

Use Case : Clash Royale at the Salon Jeunesse Montreal

Our latest Use Case flies to Montréal for the Salon Jeunesse.


To accomodate with the flood of kids and teenagers passing by, the organizers required a fast turnover and thus, ran
Clash Royale tournaments all week end long.


Saturday tournaments

Sunday tournaments

It’s been a great experience!” says Nicolas, who used Toornament to generate the brackets and schedules. “The Toornament TV was especially useful, as we used it with a projector to attract people to the competitions” adds Nicolas. The kids went first, quickly followed by adults for loads of fun and tower crushing.


Toornament joins Webedia

Big news: Our parent company Oxent has been acquired by Webedia. Toornament joins a media group active in France, Germany USA or Latin America with a strong focus on Gaming and Esports.


The Oxent team

Since its official launch one year ago, Toornament has powered more than 20,000 tournaments and covered the largest Esports events around the world. Key features such as a Mobile App, open API and Participants dashboard have followed since then to cement Toornament’s leadership in Esports.

This acquisition will help Toornament accelerate its development worldwide, while acting as the backbone to Webedia’s Gaming and Esport efforts.

To our present and future users, Toornament will remain free and opened to every tournament organizers and participants.