Toornament Menu: What to Watch, Where to Play #3

As your Esports platform, Toornament brings you many tournaments to follow and even more to participate in.

Check out all our “Games” sections and browse the “Featured” and “Open” tabs. Here are some noteworthy picks from our staff:


2017 GSL Season 1 – Code S

The most prestigious Starcraft II competition in the world now pits all of the Korean masters. The groupstages alone are a beautiful display of macro and micro skills. Sit and enjoy the streams and VODs from this week-end matches!

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Vainglory Blitz North America

Want to challenge hi-level Vainglory players and maybe earn some hard earned money? The VGL Blitz tournaments are definitely what you are looking for. Register fast as success fills each tournament really fast (here’s the European one).

Also worth playing