How tournaments data are managed on Toornament and its different tools

When using a tournament management software, you are handling a lot of sensitive data from both your competition and your participants. It is important to know how they are managed by the platform used, and what you can do with them. This article answers these two questions and some more.

Be in full control with data ownership

Toornament offers a clear and transparent policy on the use of tournament data on its platform. It can be summed up as follows: the data you generate with your tournaments belongs to you.

Indeed, as an organizer, when you create and manage a competition on Toornament, you keep control of all the data. Toornament does not use your data for marketing or commercial purposes, nor do we share your data with other organizers on the platform. That is the reason why we do not propose communication packages towards the players registered on Toornament.

Once your tournament is over, you can completely remove it from the platform if you so choose. All results and information collected about your participants will be deleted.

Participants data management and display

When you organize a tournament you have two ways to register your players and collect data: either by creating your participants yourself in your tournament, or by opening your registrations to players registered on the platform.

In both cases you can enter or request any type of data on your participants using the many standard or customizable fields that are available in Toornament.

If you created participants manually, when you delete your tournament, the participants’ data will be completely deleted since it was only created for the tournament purpose.

If your participants registered, information relating to the participation in your tournament is deleted. The player accounts remain on since they created it themselves. But they will no longer have any trace of your tournament on it.

In accordance with GDPR rules, a player with an account on can ask to delete it by contacting our support. In this case, if they participated in one of your tournaments, only the nickname will remain visible in the data of your competition.

GDPR compliance

Compliance with GDPR rules is an important topic, particularly for our clients’ IT systems managers and legal services. To comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation, Toornament uses the French solution Matomo as its analytics tool. It is used to better understand the traffic and users navigation habits on in order to improve the experience of using it.

The Matomo solution is approved by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) as one of the few select web analytics tools that can be used to collect data without tracking consent. Finally, the data collected is hosted on our own servers. Thus, no data ever leave Toornament!

Unlock custom collect and export data with Pro plan

While you can create, edit and delete your competition data with the free version of Toornament, the Pro Plan gives you extra options. The list of data you can collect through registration are limited with the free version to a dozen of fields such as the identity, age, location, discord and in-game accounts. The Pro Plan opens access to four other types of fields:

  • Checkbox: Typically for Yes/No questions or Consent
  • Website: URL of a personal/team website
  • Social Networks: Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Vimeo, Youtube, Instagram etc.
  • Custom: Can by anything and everything you need

The other option available with the Pro Plan is the possibility to export all participant data collected in a CSV file. Perfect for your marketing needs around tournament organization!

Use your Google Analytics account with the Site plan

Thanks to the website builder, you can easily create your own site to display the information and results of your competition. With this option, it makes sense to be able to check on the audience and other statistics of your site.

In accordance with our data management policy, we do not collect data for your site created with But we give you the possibility to do it yourself. Indeed, you can associate your own Google Analytics 4 account with your site created with Toornament to retrieve its statistics.

Connect your database anonymously with the API

Toornament offers to create your own competition tools and white-label experiences by connecting your own third-party environment (website, app, game) to its API. The latter notably allows you to use your database of players in competitions organized with A very useful solution for existing tournament platforms wishing to evolve their organizer engine, brands with a customer database or game developers with their players.

However, it is legitimate for you not to want to share the data of your own customers and database. Therefore, Toornament developed the “custom user identifier” feature, to let you identify the participants from the third-party environment, and return their competition data associated through the API, keeping their anonymity throughout the process.

The participants will not have to create a Toornament account, or even come in contact with Toornament. Everything is done transparently for the player without any sharing of their data.

If you want to know more about our data policy for your next tournament project do not hesitate to contact our team.