Scale-up your own competition platform with Toornament API

Having its own esports tournament platform implies constant development to remain up to date. You may need to add new tournament structures to satisfy a gaming community or customer project, a match format or score type adapted to a new game, and even a specific rule to place participants in a stage.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to address a tournament platform developments while the requests are often urgent. Sometimes, the way the tournament management tool is designed does not allow it to be adapted to these very specific needs. In the end, it can lead to a missed strategic opportunity for your company.

Our motto at Toornament is to help all esports organizers to develop their activities. Whether they already have a competition platform or not. Thanks to our technology, you can overcome this constraint and scale your competition platform up by connecting it to our API.

Create any kind of tournament on any game

Thanks to 7 years of development, Toornament provides the most flexible technology to create tournament and match formats. In addition to the classics brackets formats and round-robin, you can setup your competition with swiss round, bracket group, gauntlet bracket, FFA bracket or league stages, add them and mixed between them.

Furthermore, Toornament provides different match format and score calculation types. The technology manages scores and rankings based on time and not only point.

Thus, using Toornament API allows to open your platform to many games that need specifics tournament and match formats: battle royale, card games, racing and sports games etc.

Manage on Toornament, display on your website

The API gives an access to all the data generated by your competitions managed on Toornament. Whether you need to organize a unique tournament or a competitive circuit on different games, the API provides all the necessary endpoints to display the competition on your own website.

You can also create webhooks with the Toornament API to be informed when certain events occur instead of having to constantly check if data has changed. The competition data provided by Toornament will be updated automatically on your website, and vice versa.

Connect your service, keep your data protected

If you already have your own participant database, no need to ask them to create a profile and manage their matches on Toornament. With the API, you can generate and associate a unique “custom user identifier” to your tournament participants.

The “custom user identifier” will serve to identify your participants and return their competition data associated from Toornament. The API won’t need to access any other data from your website.

A seamless player experience

With the “customer user identifier“, the tournament registration process can happen entirely on your website. So, the whole process will be transparent for your participant. You will be able to offer them tournaments with new structure types, match formats and score calculation types thanks to the many possibilities of Toornament.

Support and documentation

Our team provides a complete documentation to help your team develop with the API. Consulting it is a good start to evaluate the many possibilities you have by connecting your website to Toornament.

You can also request a meeting to discuss your project, and get a temporary development API access to try it out. After your subscribe to our API Plan, our team will be available to help with your project.

For more information about the API, feel free to reach out to our team via our contact page.