New builder options to create your tournament site even faster

The Toornament website builder allows you to create your own competition website without the need for a long development already. It is now even simpler and faster thanks to newly-released tool improvements.

Keep calm and copy/paste

Our team developed a new and very useful option to accelerate your page creation with the Toornament website builder. You may now copy any element from your website and paste it anywhere on your website.

The copy/paste option will be your new best friend to create your tournament pages with our website builder!

New kids on the block

Our team has also developed a whole series of new blocks to make it even easier to insert tournament details into your pages. These blocks will automatically retrieve the information entered when you created your tournament via the organizer interface:

  • Tournament name
  • Tournament logo
  • Tournament infos, and all its sub-elements
  • Registration button

They join the (already long) list of blocks currently available in the website builder.

The same blocks are also available to include Circuit information onto your website.

You can test the website builder by  starting your 2-weeks of trial period of the Tourney or Series plans.