How the website builder can help your local event and live stream

In this blog post we explore two new ways to use the website builder feature that will help you share your tournament results during a live event or stream.

Inform your visitors on site

When you are organizing an event with a live audience, you need to keep them updated with the progression of your tournament. It can be done by using giant and standing screens positioned where your visitors are passing or stopping. But, multiplying the displays and updating them all to display timely tournament results can be a complex matter. That’s why we created the Toornament TV a few years ago.

The website builder is a very good alternative to the TV to create some views of your latest tournament information. It also allows a higher level of customization than what the Toornament TV does. Thanks to it, you can build many layouts and customize them fully in your colors.

You have to create a new page the size of your screen (i.e: 1920x1080px), and can then add some or all of the available blocks: a specific stage of the tournament, the list of participants, the latest results, the ranking, any other other information you deem useful or combination of these.

As an example, we made two different views of our BeastStars website that could be displayed at a live event (you can click on each picture to visit the pages and press F11 to see them in full screen).

Easily update your results during a live stream

Sometimes when producing a live stream, it can be tricky to display tournament information, and have it be updated in time after each match. Even if Photoshop or Figma are among your best friends, updating a bracket after each new result is a chore, and prone to human error. It becomes even more complex with a leaderboard, where participants switch ranks with each new result.

The website builder can help you speed up the process  while getting rid of potential mistakes. Create the views you will need in the website builder, including stage results, matches etc., and simply add the page URL in your streaming software to have access to these any time.

When your tournament referee will enter new match results on, your pages will be automatically updated. You will just have to refresh your web browser and everything will be up to date, ready for your stream and without the need for any other intervention.

Below is an example of a page containing a tournament leaderboard which could be live streamed through your web browser input.

Another option is to create a page with a green background (or any other solid color that you are using for this matter), and integrate it in the scene of your choosing by removing the green background.

From website to live stream and onsite screens, the Toornament builder is a useful solution to create your tournament result displays for different supports and have them be updated automatically.