Danes love Esports, and the Copenhagen Games are the proof!

A few days back, we introduced you to the Gamers Assembly, one of the most iconic LAN parties in France and Europe, but that was not all! The Copenhagen Games, another landmark in European esports, is happening this week in Denmark. Competitions started yesterday, and are to last until Sunday following a tight and intense schedule.
A thousand participants are expected to fight in half a dozen different tournaments, and we are proud that Toornament was chosen, for the third consecutive year, to be the platform powering the tournaments, listed below:

csgo CS:GO Open & Main
76 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
53 000€
csgo Samsung CS:GO Ladies
28 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
14 000€
overwatch Pizzaburger Overwatch
8 Teams – Swiss System + Bracket
Played on PC
9 000€
fifa17 ELGiganten Fifa 17 (Tourney #1 and Tourney #2)
2*64 Players – Groups + Bracket
Played on PS4
5 200 €
hearthstone Hearthstone
200 Players – Swiss System + Bracket
Played on PC/Mobile
2 660€
codiw CoD: Infinite Warfare
24 Teams – Double-Bracket
Played on PS4
1 300 €
leagueoflegends League of Legends
8 Teams – Groups + Bracket
Played on PC
1 300 €

But this event is not just for players, the week is also filled with Esport Conferences and Cosplay happenings, among other things.
If you cant not make it to Copenhagen to follow this event live, make sure to check what is happening on the Official Twitch Channel, and the livestreams of the Community Streamers that will follow and comment the whole party!