[Organizers] What is the maximum “Best Of” format Toornament can handle?

Last week, popular Street Fighter IV tournament “Kakutop” used a rather unusual format:

  • Round Robins groups into Round Robin final group
  • First to 5 matches
  • 2 games of difference victory condition

This lead to extensive matchups where some players fought from 5 (5-0 final score) up to 12 games (7-5 final score)!

Toornament supports “Best of X” match formats up to “Best of 9″. The vast majority of match formats use “Best of 3″ and “Best of 5″ formats, sometimes extending up to “Best of 7″.

We could easily extend our Match formats support to “Best of 11″ and beyond, but the visual representation of such series would suffer greatly, especially when seen in widgets or from a mobile device screen

When we covered the Kakutop 3 tournament, we went for this scoring format instead:

This allowed us to display scores while keeping it clean.

Kakutop and other events using exotic formats (Just Dance World Cup, anyone?) bring great challenges and inspirations for us tournament software developers. We can’t wait for the next one, bring it on!