[Organizers] How to emulate the Davis Cup format?

A member of our community recently asked this: is there a way to bring the Davis Cup format on Toornament? The Davis Cup is a specific format relying on both team and individual matches.

A typical Davis Cup match poises two teams one against each other in a Best Of 5 format.

Each team will assign a player to each game, but won’t know which player the opposite team will pick. Note that in the original tennis competition, a player cannot take part in more than 3 matches: one of the first day single matches, the second day double match and one of the third day single matches.

It is very easy to recreate the Davis Cup format in Toornament, thanks to our “Public Note” feature:

  1. Start a team tournament with the (nick)names of all players for each rosters. Set match format to “Best of 5”. (check our post, how to define a match format)
  2. Each team’s captain will then provide to the admin his line up for the 5 games.
  3. In the dashboard, click on a individual match “Miscellaneous” tab and use the public notes to indicate which players will face each other.


The result will appear on the public widget: