Welcome on our new Front Page

Say hello to our new front page!

We’re proud to welcome you with a real landing hub from where you can easily check what’s up in the Esport world, follow tournaments from around the world or start your own!


As you may have understand by now, this new front page is more than just a graphic refreshment. It showcases Toornament’s core activities in a more efficient way:


  • Organizers, for whom Toornament will remain the most powerful yet comprehensive management platform
  • Participants will soon be able to register, check the tournaments they participate in and report their scores
  • Fans can now satisfy their thirst for Esport using Toornament website, widgets and mobile app as a global media covering majors tournaments
  • Developers from organizations, videogame studio and media can benefit from our powerful, open API


We hope you’ll feel right at home with our new frontpage!

Supported games: Gotta catch ’em all

We’re working hard to make Toornament the best Esport platform. In this view, we’re supporting all the popular competitive games: match format, maps, classes, characters, rules…

Toornament is the only Esport solution which adapts its settings to your favourite game.


This week, 13 new “disciplines” joined our pool:

  • Blade & Soul
  • Blood Bowl
  • Clash Royale
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Guilty Gear XRD Revelator
  • Guitar Hero Live
  • Injustice Gods Among Us
  • Killer Instinct
  • Krosmaga
  • Paragon
  • Tanki Online
  • Tekken 7
  • Mario Kart 8

We now support around 120 disciplines and will keep growing our list with the latest games. If you see that a game is missing and want us to add it, feel free to contact us on Twitter and Mail!

Give us your feedback

“We’re listening!”

This is one of our mottos. Toornament is an ever-evolving platform fueled by both our passionated team and our community. We’re
constantly adding new features, ironing out bugs and tweaking

We recently got great feedback from our community, be it local organizers, power users or video game developers. Here are some examples of requests we get and how we respond to them:



Let’s update, upgrade on an existing feature. Example: resend the acceptation mail for participants who didn’t respond yet. We’re also boosting our tournaments’ capacity from 128 to 256 participants.

Minor features

Some features are easy for us to implement and commit. Don’t hesitate to ask for them! Example: getting the AM/PM time format alongside the 24 hours format displayed in the widget.


Are there areas where you think we could improve the way you interact with the dashboard, from new arrangement to ? Example: We were proposed (with a nice drawing) a new visualization grid for the admin rights panel.

Long term projects

Yes, we’re working on new major features and these take time. Don’t be shy to ask for big things. We’ll always discuss them and see how they could fit in our roadmap… Or maybe, maybe we’re already working on them? Example: Free For All format, Participants score reporting.

Impossible stuff

Just kidding, nothing’s impossible! Some projects are sometimes simply out of our reach. For example, getting advanced statistics for all supported games like we have for Dota 2, LoL or Blood Bowl 2 doesn’t only depend on us. The games themselves have to allow some access to their own data, through APIs or match IDs. Ask your favorite game developer!


Of course, we can’t answer all the requests and some take much more time than they seem to take. Plus, we already have a packed roadmap ahead.

But we’re always thrilled when some of your feedback open our eyes and influence our work.

So next time you have feedback and requests, fire us an email at [email protected]! We’re also very reactive on our Twitter account, @toornament.

New API functions: Participants and Tournaments

We’re expanding our API’s possibilities, with new Write functions:



  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete


  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete

They join our growing array of API functions, including:


  • List of tournaments (by: game, importance, dates, location)
  • Tournaments data (General information and structure, Participants, Schedule, Matches and statistics, Streams and VODs)


  • oAuth 2 (tournaments and tournaments private data)
  • Matches (information, scores and results)

For all details and help on our API, please go on our dedicated developer website.