Featured tournaments – April 2016

April will treat eSports lovers right, with great competitions all throughout the month. As always, our team will cover them and bring you all the scores, results and videos!

Dreamhack Masters Malmö

The first top tier tournament following the MLG Major will bring answer to the CS:GO fans: who can Luminosity? Can Na’Vi perform without Guardian? Can Liquid confirm its great Columbus run? Does EnVyUs need another roster shuffle? We’ll know soon enough.

ESL One Manila

Manila has become an eSport capitol this year, as the city will host two major Dota 2 events in row. Before the PGL-operated Manila Major, ESL will bring its “One” event and 8 top teams: EHOME, Team Liquid, Team Secret, Complexity Gaming, Wings Gaming, Team Empire, Mineski and Fnatic.

All eyes will be on Team Secret’s impressive new line-up and local heroes of Fnatic.

CEVO Gfinity Pro-League Season 9 Finals

A sweet $55,000 money prize is up to grab for one of the 8 qualified teams. Virtus.pro (Season 8 champions) and Optic Gaming (North America qualifier winners) are already waiting for their opponents…

LCS 2016 Spring Split Playoffs

The American and Europen LoL leagues are drawing to an exciting close: last year top performers (Fnatic, Origen, TSM…) have finally found their own rythm and perform admirably, while the new kids on the block (Immortals, H2K, Vitality) impressed everyone by taking the top rankings by storm.


Dream League S5

One of the best Dota 2 league out there is a great display if the European and CIS scenes, mixing established powerhouses like Empire and new line ups like No Diggity and Ad Finem. All are aiming for the $150,000+ LAN Finals in May.

ESL Pro League

The (for now) largest online CS:GO league brings us great matches each week. The ultimate ones will raise the hype bar, as everyone want to qualify for finals, where a whopping $750,000 prize money awaits.


They join the ongoing competitions we cover, such as:

Enjoy our coverage on the web and your mobile device!

Follow all the Gamers Assembly tournaments this week-end


Gamers Assembly 2016, one of the most established LAN Party in France starts this week-end and we’re proud to power its 24 tournament – yes, 24! From CS:GO to Street Fighter V, Overwatch to Rocket League, or LoL to Hearthstone, no gamer will be left behind.


For the past few years, The Gamers Assembly organizers have been great partners, early adopters of our latest features and providers of great feedback.

Stay tuned this week end, there will be plenty to watch (yes, 24 tournaments):

And here are more tournaments to follow. Enjoy, happy LANing!

Follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 on Toornament!

The annual FIWC is happening right now in New York and the cream of the crop of FIFA 16 players from around the world are gathered to decide who’s going to get the title, $20,000 and a paid trip to the “Ballon d’Or” ceremony!


Our team is covering this major eSport tournament bringing you everything you need to follow the competition: schedules, participants, archived scores and streams links.

The final matches will be played later today, make sure to keep our widget open. Happy cheering!

Case study: Ubisoft Gaming League

Saying that video games professionals are video games lovers is an understatement and Ubisoft employees won’t say otherwise…


Esport enthusiasts from Ubisoft Montréal started an in-house gaming league. It’s a common thing nowadays. But when most people will simply play during lunch time in the leisure area, the Ubisoft people went further.



The UGL (Ubisoft Gaming League) engages hundreds of former-colleagues-now-rivals over a wide array of Esport games – and not just the Ubisoft ones :

  • Rainbow Six Siege
  • Fifa
  • Rocket League
  • Just Dance
  • Mortal Kombat
  • Super Smash Bros
  • Street Fighter
  • Hearthstone
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Starcraft
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends


Growing through 3 seasons already, the UGL has now its dedicated stage, trophies, admins and casters. That’s what we call some serious dedication to competition! Maybe it has to do with the presence of several progamers among the Ubisoft workforce?


Anyway, we’re thrilled that the UGL picked Toornament to run all their competitions. They used every tools they could and came back to us with great feedback and requests specific to running toornaments for active people dealing with other schedules and agendas (yes, full time workers may have a job to deal with).




We love to see commited organizers on both pro and amateurs levels. Or in the case of UGL, “amateur level in a pro environment”. If you run an office league, we’ll be happy to help!