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The largest Call of Duty tournament in the world held at the largest COD event of the year starts today, as the 2016 World League Championship takes place at the Call of Duty XP!


With a whopping $2,000,000 money prize, this year’s World Championship doubles the stacks from 2015′s $1,000,000. It also doubles the amount of participants as 32 teams will fight to get the title and the bragging rights.


Last year’s winners, Denial

Starting with 8 groups of 4 teams and following with a Double Elimination Playoffs, all played in Bo5 format, the tournament will offer plenty of action to watch.

As always, we’ll provide you with the best cover. Scores, results, streams, VODs and highlights will be available in real-time on our 2016 Call of Duty World League Championship tournament page and our sharable widget.

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The International 2016: the infographic

We covered the International 2016 since its Regional Qualifiers and now come up with the most exhaustive and comprehensive infographic thanks to our API.

We even went a bit further than our Manila and Shanghai infographics, adding the Open and Regional Qualifiers. Enjoy!

(click on the infographic to watch it in full resolution)


If you want to check all the scores, stats and videos, here are all the tournaments covered.

Also check our infographics for:

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Get hyped: One of the most prestigious Esport tournament in the world starts today. The best Dota 2 teams in the world will fight for a share of the record-breaking $19M+ money prize and the legendary Aegis trophy.


Toornament is the one place you need to follow The International 2016: We’ll be covering the whole event with:

  • Results
  • Scores
  • Statistics
  • Videos (streams, VODs, highlights)

The Main Event

Starting Wednesday 3, the 16 remaining teams duke it out trough a groupstage to determine the final Bracket. Expect loads of action and upsets!

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The Wild Card

The Wildcard round was the last-chance tournament for the 4 teams who finished 3rd at their Regional Qualifiers. Here are the results:

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The Toornament CS:GO Stats

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the greatest Esports out there.
Played at all levels around the world (in our offices), the Valve shooter continues to strive and is one of the most popular Esport on our platform.

In the wake of our integration with CS:GO match manager AdminBot, we ran a scan over all the CSGO tournaments created on our platform and came up with interesting numbers and metrics.


Interesting trends here. Offline tournaments are more widespread than one could think. Our tip? Pick Cache to build up hype, it’s the most contested map of our pool.


Europe is still CS stronghold, with 7 countries in our Top 10. America comes second but is clearly on the rise since last year, as we see more and more tournaments from Brazil, the USA and Canada.


Cache, Mirage and Dust2 represent more than 50% of the map picks. This trend applies for both pro and amateur tournaments.


It’s always very interesting to see our maps are popular in given countries. France’s top maps are evenly spread while Israel shows a clear preference towards Mirage…

Our integration with AdminBot will bring even more stats in the future, and we’ll share the trends with you on a regular basis.

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For the second year in a row, the Dreamhack Valencia is relying on Toornament to power its main competitions.

We’re proud to provide one of the largest Esports festival in Europe with our tools. Feel free to follow them:

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Starcraft II

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Heartstone Grand Prix homepage

Heroes Of The Storm

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And come say Hi if you’re there, we’ll be roaming the admin and gaming zones!