You can now duplicate your tournaments!

After having received your feedback, and thinking about the best way of handling the matter, we are happy to announce that you are now able to easily duplicate one of your tournaments!
The process is easy as pie, as all you have to do is get to the “Danger Zone” of the tournament you want to duplicate, in the “Settings” menu, and click on “Duplicate:

You will then be prompted with a menu asking you to select which features of your current tournament you wish to duplicate into the next one, and give your new tournament a new name:

Choices are obvious, and once you validate, you will automatically move to your newly-created tournament!
We want to thank all the organizers that gave us their feedback about this, and please note that we plan on adding the Structures to the list of things to be copied over, but that requires a lot more work, and we wanted to give you access to the feature as soon as possible, so we will keep working on it!

Feature your Discord Server on your tournaments!

Communication between a tournament organizer and his participants is essential for the good run of a competition. Hence, we today add a simple yet significant feature to a Tournament’s contact information: the Discord Server:


This information is now treated just like the organizer’s email, meaning it gets displayed on public pages, confirmation emails and soon on the mobile application!
You can display your Discord Server by adding its invitation link (make sure it is a permanent one!) in the General Settings of your tournament, under the new “Contact” tab:

We hope this will make organizing and participating in tournaments even easier for everyone!

Check-in now available!

A highly-requested feature is now available on Toornament for all to use!
You can activate the Tournament Check-in for your participants to confirm their presence to your competition. Alternatively, you may also just activate the Check-in on the Organizer’s side, to keep track of your participants’ presence yourself.

As a participant, you can see the current status of the tournament, including its Check-in part; both on the tournament public page and your list of tournaments:

As usual, you can find more details on the Help Center: for both Organizers and Participants.
And it’s available on both Android and iOS versions of the Mobile App:

We are of course still open to feedback and comments, so try it out, and let us know what you think!

The first batch of 2018 Open Tournaments is here!

Here we are again, with a selection of Open Community tournaments for you to play in!
So take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

QuokkaGaming 5v5by QuokkaGaming & Grabber 8 Teams 13/01/2018 Register
ЛИГА ТАТАРСТАНАby ФКС РТ & ARTCORE 16 Teams 14/01/2018 Register
Community Eventby Easy-Gaming 8 Teams 19/01/2018
Utopia 2v2 Januaryby Gecko5427 & Master 128 Teams 20/01/2018
KEL Spring S.1by Kingston’s eSports League 8 Teams 02/02/2018

fifa18 FIFA 18

ATG Champions 2018by Atacado Games 256 Players 11/01/2018
eCOPA N-E Q.3by Coca-Cola 4096 Players 15/01/2018
Gaming Stories Q.1by Coca-Cola 256 Players 15/01/2018 Register
1er Tournoiby Gamers CI 32 Players 20/01/2018 Register

hots Heroes of the Storm

Amateur Series #94by HeroesHype 32 Teams 17/01/2018 Register
MHC #2by Leipzig eSports 16 Teams 20/01/2018 Register
CLG Season 1by Charity League Gaming 32 Teams 01/02/2018

lol League of Legends

Milk x Asus Challengeby Milk Esport Arena 16 Teams 20/01/2018
South Geek Festivalby Project Conquerors 16 Teams 27/01/2018
LOL Championship #2by ANGRY GORILLAS 16 Teams 03/02/2018
ESCL 1by E-Sports Caribbean League 8 Teams 16/02/2018

r6s Rainbow Six: Siege

Torneio de Inauguraçãoby R6 Portugal 16 Teams 15/01/2018
Copa R6 (XONE) #1by João Felipe 8 Teams 01/02/2018
X1 CUP (PS4) #1by João Felipe 64 Teams 05/02/2018
Vandalerna Cup #1by Vandalerna 32 Teams 24/02/2018

rl Rocket League

Extinction League Week 2by The Extinction 8 Teams 13/01/2018 Register
l’Autre Canal – Nancyby Lorraine E-Sport & Bipolaire 8 Teams 21/01/2018 Register
Rocket League 21stby Crimson Gaming 8 Teams 21/01/2018 Register

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!

Krosmaga now has its Pick & Ban!

We are proud to announce that we worked with Ankama to make Toornament the go-to platform for Krosmaga tournament organizers, and are now releasing the Pick & Ban feature!
It’s as simple as it gets, after the tournament organizer enables the feature from the Organizer Dashboard (“Settings” > “Krosmaga”), you will be able to pick your gods when registering to a tournament:

Next, you will be asked to ban one (or more) of your opponent’s Gods through the “Ban” menu of every match you have to play.
The process is similar to what you might have experienced with Hearthstone, but the whole Pick&Ban feature got revamped for the occasion, and is now even more user-friendly!

And as per usual, the process is entirely doable from our Mobile App!

Read more about this new feature on the Help Center!