March Open Tournaments

New month, new Open Community tournaments but still as awesome as ever!
Take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

cr Clash Royale

RPL Europa Summerby RPL (Mobile) 800 Teams 07/03/2018
RPL APAC Summerby RPL (Mobile) 800 Teams 07/03/2018
RPL Americas Summerby RPL (Mobile) 800 Teams 07/03/2018
Esport IDF – Yvelinesby Webedia (Mobile) 256 Players 31/03/2018 Register
1v1 Open Seasonby Aggredior Esports (Mobile) 32 Players 16/04/2018

codwwii CoD: World War II

TDM Points eSportsby MGL (Xbox One) 256 Teams 26/03/2018
TDM Points eSportsby MGL (PS4) 256 Teams 26/03/2018
II Liga Onlineby eSports Guatemala (PS4) 8 Teams 13/04/2018 Register
4v4 $5,500by Go Big or Go Home Ent. (PS4) 50 Teams 13/04/2018

csgo Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Scorpia Brawl #2by Scorpia Tournaments (PC) 16 Teams 30/03/2018
Ultimate Challenge #5by Gaming Arena Esports (PC) 6 Teams 24/03/2018 Register
FDJ Open #04by FDJ Esports (PC) 128 Teams 25/03/2018 Register
RDYUP Amateur #2by RdyUp (PC) 32 Teams 04/04/2018 Register

darwin-project Darwin Project

NES Games 1st Editionby Nantes Esports Games (PC) 80 Players 24/03/2018 Register
K_Cup #01by Kaelyscius & Xs (PC) 10 Players 24/03/2018
Darwin Olympicsby TheDirectorTTV (PC) 50 Players 25/03/2018 Register

fortnite Fortnite

Scorpia Release Partyby Scorpia (Multi-platforms) 900 Players 06/04/2018

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Meet the Partner: Situational Awareness

As teased in our Partner Program, it is time to start shining light on our Partner Organizers with this new article series “Meet the Partner”.

First in line is Naim, a Moroccan organizer passionate about flight combat simulation, that created and manages a great community dedicated to his favorite games, because we believe, just like he does, that there’s more to esports than just MOBA, Card Games and FPS!

To start, please introduce yourself and your project

My name is Naim Bouyahya, 40 years of age from Morocco. I have been stoked about military jets and the art of air combat for as long as I can remember. When I stumbled upon my first simulator, it was an instant buy. A few years later, I decided to launch my website (SA-SIM.COM) to organize online PvP competitions for the acclaimed Digital Combat Simulator (DCS).
I’m an avid competitor and truly passionate about e-sports so I wanted to contribute to introducing DCS to a wider audience. I really believe it holds tremendous potential to be as successful as current mainstream titles such as Battle Grounds and Overwatch.

How did you discover Toornament?

I tried many brackets providers and had not been really satisfied until I came across Toornament, which intuitive interface and handy features make it stand out from the competition.
Discovering Toornament was through watching events on Twitch where I noticed it being used in many major professional leagues.

What feature(s) do you like the most on Toornament?

All the feature are great, really. It’s straightforward to set up a tourney and all the widgets make it very easy to share the brackets wherever needed. It also looks neat as you can add country flags, team logos…etc – tiny details like that are really important to those who want their tournaments to have that extra touch and professional feel.
Check one of their tournaments!

Anything you want to add?

I hope Toornament will feature DCS one day, I’m a big believer in e-sports and quality games like DCS deserve to be in the spotlight.

We want to thank Naim for the time he has taken to answer our questions, and have the pleasure to announce that DCS will very soon be a discipline available on Toornament!

Search tournaments by Platform

With the Platform Information added a few months back, we now have a nice pool of tournaments that display the new information, and it is time to allow you to search your tournaments based on Platform preference!
When searching for a tournament to participate in, you may now select a game and look for a name, but also filter on a platform-basis:

Furthermore, the platform information is now displayed directly on the tournament results, by the game’s name:

As usual, let us know what you think of this new feature, and as you enjoy it, we get back to working on the Free-for-All structures!

Smash Bros, Black Ops IIII and other announcements!

This week has been rich in long-awaited announcements, and several of them have a very interesting competitive side to them. Let us take a look at what 2018 (and beyond) has in store for us based on those latest news!



The Nintendo Direct from the 8th of March was stacked with announcements for the 3DS and Switch consoles, including many games ported from other platforms. But three titles have retained our attention because of their competitiveness.

First off, Splatoon 2, the original shooter IP from Nintendo will soon move to its 3.0 version, with a whole solo extension called “Octo Expansion” and a whole lot of content, from stages to clothing and weapons. Release date is set to some time this summer.

Then, it’s time for a N64/GBC game to get a sequel on the latest consoles, with Mario Tennis Aces. 3DS and Wii U versions of the original games exist since 2013, but it’s a brand new game that has been announced, full with competitive features! Release date is on the 22nd of June, with a pre-launch free tournament already planned.

Last, but not least, rumors had it in past weeks that a new Smash Bros game was in the pipes, but that went from rumor to official announcement with the conference. All we know is that the game should feature Link from Breath of the Wild and Splatoon character, and that the game is set to be released in 2018.



After weeks of rumor, Activision finally announced the next Call of Duty title, which will be a sequel to the Black Ops franchise by Treyarch, soberly titled “IIII”. More information are bound to be shared this spring, and the release date is set on the 12th of October.



Another great name to have gotten its sequel announced this week was Ubisoft’s The Division. No real insight on what the game will offer for competitive players, but the devs say they have learned from past experience, and the great idea that was the Dark Zone might come back in a more polished form!



And the final big announcement from past week is the Mobile version for Fortnite that has been teased by Epic Games. The mobile version will support full cross-play and cross-progression with existing platforms (except with XBox One apparently), and a first iOS beta will open on the 12th of March, followed by invites, and an Android version in the coming months.


All those new games have their seat ready on Toornament already, and we can’t wait to see which ones will pack a punch and become great competitive titles!

Our API evolves!

The Toornament API provides an alternate method to access, edit and share the Toornament data. With our API, you will be able to extend the functionalities of our platform, and improve your event production. For example the API can be used to create bots, alternative tools, native branding, integration in other applications, or directly in game…

The notable new functionality of the Toornament API version 2 is the three-legged authentication workflow of OAuth 2. It allows actions on the API on behalf of another user. For example, associate your website user account to our user account, create the tournament registration form directly in your application, etc.

The Toornament API version 2 is separated into different sections: viewer, account, participant, organizer. Each one gives you access to the data of the Toornament platform within a specific scope, to achieve different goals.

  • The viewer API will let you publicly consult the tournaments information
  • The account API will let you get information of a user
  • The participant API will allow you to register a user to a tournament
  • The soon-to-be released organizer API will let you manage tournaments
maintenance API Release: Once all of the Toornament API version 1 functionalities are integrated in the API version 2, the version 1 will be deprecated, and an end of support date will be announced.

It is to be noted that our API can be used for free for non-commercial projects, as long as you feature our dedicated logos on the pages using it.
We are also launching a new commercial offer if you wish to use our API in commercial projects, so either way, Contact Us if you would like to learn more about it!

How do I get started?

That is very easy, go check our extensive API Documentation and see for yourself all it has to offer!

Improve your Press Strategy with Toornament

In our efforts to empower our organizers, Partners or not, we would like to share with you a few tips about how you could improve your communication and press strategy.
Talking about your competitions to the specialized press is easy, but having them cover your tournaments and writing about it becomes infinitely more complicated. That is why we developped some tools to help you in that approach.
So if you are interested in having your competitions radiate and shine on the interwebs:

Meet our first Partners!

Following our successful launch of the Partner Program, we started reviewing the requests, starting with organizations and company.
We have already accepted a few dozens of applicants, and we wanted to show everyone the level of quality our community organizers are able to put forward.
Let’s see what some of our first partners are made of!

BF Nations
Come to us for Battlefield news, streams, videos, guides and competitions.
Stay with us for Battlefield Esports tournaments and a fantastic community.

eSports Middle East
eSports Middle East (ESME) is the fastest growing professional gaming organization in MENA. Established in 2014 with offices in London and Dubai.

GetRECt is a team of gamers dedicated to building esports across the Midwest. [They] grow communities, work with universities and high schools, and put on esporting events of all kinds.

eSport.DK’s primary purpose is to create tournaments and other online activities that are serious, recurring and structured, with online tournaments organized throughout the year.

An online community agency that generates content for brands through streaming, snack content, web series, events (GameFest) etc.

FCF Cyberfootball
The FCF is social cyber-sportive organization mainly focused on the extension and popularization of cyber football in the official Russian Football Federation.

HeroesHype is a premiere Heroes of the Storm organization that serves to foster growth in pro players, esports staff, and influencers.

League of eXtraordinary Gamers
The LXG is a gaming and entertainment organization (with a huge bias for esports) committed to providing and sustaining a platform for gamers to express their true passion for games and achieve their dreams.

We wish a warm welcome to them, and to all the other partners that got into the program in this first instance. If you applied already, but got no news from us, do not worry, we will review and answer all applications!
If you want to embark on this adventure with us, here goes:

New: Bracket Information

A new feature has come to life on Toornament, to help the participants and viewers better understand what’s happening during a Bracket Stage.
Indeed, organizers have ways of customizing the brackets of their tournaments, thanks to the Configure Bracket advanced settings, and we now provide the same level of information for everyone, on any bracket view on the public pages of a tournament.
To display the detailed information, simply click on the “Info” button at the top-right of the bracket:

There are 3 kind of information on this new view:

  • The ID of the match, such as “WB1.1” or “LB2.2”, which stands for Winner Bracket or Loser Bracket, and the number of Round and Match
  • The arriving participants, with their Seed: “Seed #1 – 8”
  • The logical links between matches, with the provenance of participants playing in subsequent matches: “Loser of WB1.2” – “Winner of LB1.1”

The Info view remains active even after the stage has started, or is completed, and it then displays the results and participants’ names too:

This will help participants better understand their progression through a bracket, and know what to expect for their next matches, depending on their results! So hone your skills, and make your way through to victory!

February’s Open Tournaments

We hope your Valentine’s day went well, and whether that’s the case or not, time to take a peek at our upcoming Open Community tournaments!
Take a minute, check what we have in store, and maybe next week, you’ll be able to refer to yourself as a champion!

cr Clash Royale

La Couscousière Tryoutsby YARA 128 Players 21/02/2018 Register
STD Tournament Dayby STD SPŠE 64 Players 27/02/2018

fifa18 FIFA 18

Winter Pro League 18by WPL 64 Players 16/02/2018 Register
The MAGE Onlineby Mage Esports 256 Players 16/02/2018 Register
Ukraine Sportby Ukraine Sport Community 20 Players 17/02/2018 Register
eCOPA Nord-Est Q.5by Coca-Cola 4096 Players 19/02/2018

hs Hearthstone

Fireside Gatheringby Gargula Gaming 50 Players 17/02/2018 Register
AgderLAN 2018by AgderLAN 20 Players 21/02/2018

hots Heroes of the Storm

HGC Europe – Cup 4by HeroesHype 64 Teams 19/02/2018
HGC NA – Cup 4by HeroesHype 64 Teams 19/02/2018
Royal Rumble: Gladiatorsby CLAN a.s.d 32 Teams 19/02/2018

krosmaga Krosmaga

Arel Krosmaga Cupby Arel 256 Players 16/02/2018
FDJ Open #2by FDJ Esport 256 Players 24/02/2018 Register

lol League of Legends

OneUp Toornament ESCby Electronics Sport Chaos 16 Teams 15/02/2018
Torneo #1by EgamerLatam 200 Players 16/02/2018
ESCL 1by E-Sports Caribbean League 8 Teams 16/02/2018
Girls Vs Boysby Slice n Dice Gaming 60 Players 18/02/2018 Register

pubg PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds

AgderLAN 2018 – Duoby AgderLAN 50 Teams 21/02/2018
AgderLAN 2018 – Squadby AgderLAN 25 Teams 21/02/2018

You are an organizer, and would like us to showcase one of your upcoming tournaments? Feel free to contact us on Twitter or Facebook!

Launching the Partner Program!

Last year, we teased you with our upcoming Partner Program, that would help us find our best community organizers, and work together by providing them with business opportunities and premium features.

The teasing is over, and today is the official launch date of the Toornament Partner Program!

If you think you have what it takes, and are interested in helping us mature the esports ecosystem, then there is no time to lose, follow the link and apply for partnership!