[Organizers] All the available Placement methods

Since our last article on Placement methods and options, Toornament has refined its available options and here’s a complete guide to the placement methods.



Placement is the way each phase of a tournament is linked to each, how the participants move from one to another.

Generic methods :

  • “Random” : as the name states, participants are randomly placed into a phase, regardless of their seed.
  • “Manual” : you choose to place your participants the way you prefer. Note that you can combine Random and Manual placement methods.

Specific method :

Those methods follow a specific set of logic and rules

  • “Participant Number” : only available for a first phase, as the participants are placed following their initial seed number.
  • “Previous stage” : only available from a previous phase. The only logic is that the results from the previous phase build the seeding for the following one. The played matches doesn’t weigh on the placement.
  • “Bracket Optimized” : only available following “Groups”, or “Bracket Groups” phases. This method adds a new rule : qualified participants from a group are placed in the bracket so that they’ll meet again at the latest stage possible. This method aims for a better variety in matchups.

“Swiss System” added

As we announced it earlier, the Swiss System has just joined our array of supported competition formats.


As you may know, the Swiss System makes all participants face each other. Each victory grants the victor 2 points, whereas the loser gets 0 points. A tie results in a split 1-1 point between the competitors. Note that you can edit those values later. As the matches go, the Swiss system will pair people with similar result, making it harder and harder to win, for example.


The Swiss System thus allow a great amount of fair matches for everyone, from the top dogs to the underdogs. The Swiss System can be picked a a whole tournament format, or be paired with single or double elimination systems. Reminder : be careful about your time management, as this Structure grows exponentially with the number of participants.

Welcome (board) on Toornament !

Your dashboard homepage has changed and from now on, you will be greeted by our welcome board, which contains plenty of goodies :


– Our latest tweets about the Esport economics and latest trends
– Our latest blog posts
– An invitation to become a trusted user
– Your tournaments
– Your money status
– General informations and links about Toornament.

We find this landing page more useful, convenient… and welcoming. Hope you’ll enjoy !