Can 3 people manage two 128-participants open Hearthstone? Yes, thanks to our mobile app!

As our platform powers all the ESWC tournaments this year again, a new challenger arised: two 128-slots, open Hearthstone tournaments…

These type of events are hard to handle, as you can’t predict who’s going to show up, if participants are aware of the rules, the schedules etc. and ultimately prepare accordingly. Everything has to be handled on day one. This can lead to a need for a massive team admin required to constantly welcome and guide the participants.

The objective here was to rely as much as possible on our services to run a large scale tournament with a small admin team composed of 2 people at the welcome desk and 1 person to report the match results.

The admins provided each participant with a flyer showing the instructions to download the Toornament eSports app and from there, check up their tournament’s schedule. Knowing who your next opponent is and where you stand in the bracket proved to be very useful.


With the addition of the Toornament TVs, information was spread effectively around the gaming zone and everyone, from the organizers to the participants, were on the same page from beginning to end.

We believe more and more tournament organizers will rely on our solutions to save time human ressources. We’re already working on our next features in this view: soon will be released the much anticipated participants login, allowing them to report their match score by themselves!

Download our free “Toornament eSports” app for iOS and Android

This week’s eSport events

This week will be packed with exciting eSports events around the globe. We’ve got you covered with all the results, scores and links.

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Dreamhack Cluj Napoca


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Nanyang Dota 2 Championships


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Asus RoG Dream League Season 4


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ESWC 2015 PGW – League Of Legends Women


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ESWC 2015 PGW – FIFA 2016


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ESWC 2015 PGW – Just Dance 2016


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LCS 2015 World Championship


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[Organizers] What is the maximum “Best Of” format Toornament can handle?

Last week, popular Street Fighter IV tournament “Kakutop” used a rather unusual format:

  • Round Robins groups into Round Robin final group
  • First to 5 matches
  • 2 games of difference victory condition

This lead to extensive matchups where some players fought from 5 (5-0 final score) up to 12 games (7-5 final score)!

Toornament supports “Best of X” match formats up to “Best of 9″. The vast majority of match formats use “Best of 3″ and “Best of 5″ formats, sometimes extending up to “Best of 7″.

We could easily extend our Match formats support to “Best of 11″ and beyond, but the visual representation of such series would suffer greatly, especially when seen in widgets or from a mobile device screen

When we covered the Kakutop 3 tournament, we went for this scoring format instead:

This allowed us to display scores while keeping it clean.

Kakutop and other events using exotic formats (Just Dance World Cup, anyone?) bring great challenges and inspirations for us tournament software developers. We can’t wait for the next one, bring it on!

Building a custom tournament structure for the Just Dance World Cup

Back in August, we were contacted by Ubisoft and the ESWC organizing committee. The Just Dance World Cup 2015 required a specific tournament format, due to exceptional schedules and logistic contraints they had to face during the incoming Paris Games Week, where the competition will take place.


The Just Dance World Cup spans over 4 days and 2 different zones. Even tho it handles “only 18” participants, the tournament has to fill in schedules dealing with other events and tournaments.

Here’s what Ubisoft and the ESWC needed:

• A Qualifying Phase with:
– 3 Qualifying Groups of 6 players;
The top 4 qualify for the Qualifying Playoff stage;
– 1 Qualifying Playoff for each group;
The top 2 qualify for the Group Final stage;

• A Final Phase, consisting of:
– 1 Final Group of 6 players;
The top 4 qualify for the Final Playoff stage;
– 1 Final Playoff stage with immediate elimination.

This unique structure fits perfectly with all the contraints from both ESWC and Ubisoft: 2 stages, 4 phases, groups played in a dedicated gaming zone in the morning, playoffs played on stage during the afternoon.


We thus designed a custom tournament structure from the ground and came up with this :

It’s been a very interesting experience, as Toornament architecture makes custom structures easy to develop. From there, we’ll built a proper tournament editor for end users to easily create and customize your own structures.

In the meantime, if you have a unique structure you’d like to use, feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do!