June update: Paypal payment, new games, translation feature etc

Since last month, many updates have been released to help you manage your tournaments even better. On the program: Paypal registration payment, tournament information translation, new registration management interface, addition of new games and more.

Improvement of the registration management interface

In May our team worked to make the registration validation easier and faster by improving its management interface.

The display of information in a registrant’s row has been reordered for better readability and to include paid registration status.

By clicking on a participant’s row, you can see its complete registration information without changing page. Thanks to it, you can check participant information at a glance and validate its participation more quickly.

The filter options of the registration list appear in pop-in and their display has been improved.

You can now select all displayed registration at once and apply a status to them. Combined to the filters, you can more easily and faster managed your tournament registration.

Tournament information fields translation

Excellent news for your international competitions! You can now translate the tournament information fields into different languages available on Toornament.

To add and configure new languages, go to the new “Settings > Languages” section. There, you can add new language and decide which one will be applied by default if there isn’t translation of your tournament information.

Then, go to the “Settings > General” section and write in each language added the translations for “Description”, “Rules” and “Price” tournament fields.

On your tournament public page, the content fields will be displayed in the language chosen by the visitor.

New games added

Three new games have been added to Toornament to organize your competitions on it, including the latest hit of UBISOFT:

  • Age of Mythology Retold
  • Naruto x Boruto Ultimate Ninja STORM CONNECTIONS

Website builder update

We are continually improving the capabilities of our website builder allowing you to create your white label site and tournament platform without development. This month, the tool received new updates including:

The ability to create multiple levels of drop-down menus from any other menu on your website. The number of configurable menu styles also increases from 5 to 8.

Example of dropdown menu from www.bzplatform.com

The ability to display new information about tournament participants such as team lineup, player nationality, identity, or any other content from a custom field.

The ability to display on a match page the information dedicated to the game, such as the maps or circuits played, the characters used, etc.

In a tournament bracket, you can highlight matches that are in progress with a dedicated style.

Example of bracket from www.bzplatform.com

Allow Paypal payment for your tournament registration

No more multiplication of forms and sites to manage your tournament registrations with Paypal. Toornament now allows you to bring together the registration and Paypal payment process on your public tournament page.

In the “Settings > Registration” section, activate the Paypal option and provide the information to connect to the payment gateway. Then configure the payment settings with:

  • whether the price to be paid is per player of a team or per team
  • the entry price
  • the currency between Euro and American Dollar

When a player has completed his payment, his registration status is automatically validated and he is included in the list of tournament participants.

Additionally, you can now enter a maximum number of registrations if you want to limit the number of participants who can register for the tournament. Therefore, no player can register and pay if the limit has been reached.

Learn more on how to setup your registration process with Paypal.

Paypal functionality is available along with many other options in the Toornament Pro Plan. No additional fees per registration are charged to you.