New FFA Custom Bracket structure available

Create a “FFA Custom Bracket” structure with more than 2 participants by match for your Battle Royale, Teamfight Tactics or Racing tournaments.

The “Custom Bracket” structure was originally available only for the duel (1vs1 or team vs team) tournaments, allowing organizers to manually create brackets with custom participant progression. For example, you can create brackets like the LFL or LPL playoffs, a triple-elimination bracket, a twin-headed gauntlet etc. (read our dedicated post from its release).

The “FFA Custom Bracket” works the same way the duel “Custom Bracket” does, but applies to matches with more than 2 participants. The new structure is available with the other FFA stage types :

The FFA Custom Bracket structure is defined by a “schema” that you have to write, to create all of the matches and relations between them.

Each match will be given a name, and then its opponents will be identified, with three possibilities:

  • The opponent is placed in this match, and they are identified by the seed number;
  • The opponent won a previous match, and they are identified by a “W” and the identifier of the match they won (i.e “W:A”);
  • The opponent lost a previous match, and they are identified by a “L” and the identifier of the match they lost (i.e “L:B”).


A = match identifier
[1,2,3,4] = participant seeds
full match syntax: A=[1,2,3,4]

The following syntax will generate a simple Single-Elimination Bracket with 16 participants seeded, then a semi-final and a final.

#round 1
#round 2
#round 3

Note that each match must be placed on a separate line.

Here is another more complex example, a Trackmania tournament with 48 players in a double elimination bracket and matches of 4 participants: