How Project Infinite created the tournaments platform

The tournaments platform is the story of a group of passionate gamers and keen entrepreneurs who wanted to provide the Arab world an inclusive space where they can excel in competitive gaming and esports.

This group of gamers founded the company Project Infinite in 2018 in Qatar, a tech startup that aims to leverage the video game industry to the economic, cultural, and social benefit of youth across and beyond the Arab region. They created to empower and engage local gamers and tournament organizers.

A local Super Smash Bros tournament organized by Showdown and Project Infinite

In order to create the online platform and operate the tournaments, Project Infinite relied notably on the technology and more particularly its API. With it, their team was able to quickly develop a complete and fully white-labeled tournament platform.

By downloading the following case study, you will learn what Project Infinite’s challenges were and how Toornament’s solutions were able to meet them.

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